Daily Covet: Black Lace & Ladylike

Anthropologie’s Luella Dress.  This is quite possibly one of the most beautiful and ladylike black dresses I have ever come across.  And the price is surprisingly low for something that has so many aspects of fine tailoring.

You’ll notice the scalloped edges at both the sleeves and the hem, the sheer back, the skirt’s slight flare.  Wear it to an evening wedding, your big birthday bash, to dinner with your honey or to receive an award for “bessed dressed!”  It’s shows just the right amount of skin to be sexy, but still has a conservative, antique-y look about it.

It’s timeless and feminine and I think I NEED it!



Daily Covet: Tucker Watercolor Dresses

One of my favorite blogs, www.whatwelikenyc.com, posted this little fashion tidbit about Tucker, the cool little brand that could.  Upon further review, I have to say that I agree.

Especially when it comes to this adorable asymmetrical dress in watercolored silk.  And while I’m a dress girl, the rest of the collection is flowy, easy and colorful too.  If this designer is not on your radar yet, check her out.  You won’t be disappointed!

Kentucky Derby Style

Next week, my husband and I will be attending a Kentucky Derby Party.  Hats Required.

And you know me?  There’s nothing I love better than a theme party.   So I’m on the hunt for some Derby-worthy duds to wear while I sip Mint Juleps and cheer on my favorite ponies.

Oh!  And guys, don’t leave home without your seersucker!

Nicole Richie… best dressed

While I’ve been sucked into another season of The Voice, I have also managed to catch a few of the shows following its Monday and Tuesday night time slots.  And Fashion Star is the object of my affection from 9 – 10pm CST, Tuesday nights.

The primary reason I love this show is because of my love for fashion and my super secret dream to create my own line of…. something.

But the cherry on top is watching Nicole Richie.  She has come a long way from her show… whatever that was with Paris Hilton… and I have to say she’s quite possibly one of the best dressed celebrities.  She’s got fabulous taste and I love the direction that she takes with the designers on the show.

So here’s a little summer inspiration from the bathing beauty herself.

Daily Covet: to not have the flu

My two-year-old woke up in the middle of the night on Monday night/Tuesday morning to share with us his newfound flu.  I won’t go into great detail, but I did spend about 45 minutes cleaning the carpet in our upstairs hall (I hate carpet!) and a bed full of sheets, blankets, stuffed animals and toy cars.

He woke up again at 8am with dry heaves and at noon, I was in for a real doozy.  Needless to say, the bathroom I had cleaned specifically for our weekend guests was getting a second scrubdown from top to bottom.

So wouldn’t you know that standing at the kitchen sink this morning, I got a wave – actually a long lasting bout is more like it – of nausea, followed by a breakout of sweat and dizziness.

A friend saved me by taking and picking up my oldest for preschool, as well as busying him at the park for much of the afternoon.  The morning was long, but my toddler still naps, which left me time to lay around some more.

So this day, when I am feeling lousy and missing the last dance class before our spring recital, I would love the following:

For my upset tummy…

For my poor, aching body…

For my children, who are being raised by friends and tv…

For after my first shower in several days…

And for… well, keeping me company and laughing at my jokes.  Duh!

Lomellina® Swimwear – too pretty to get wet?

This J.Crew Lomellina® one-shoulder maillot has me in love with the idea of wearing a swimsuit – not an easy feat.

The Lomellina® technical fabric is sourced from one of Italy’s top mills, and is as flattering as it is comfortable.

The criss-cross draping of this one-piece suit is also very figure flattering and the two-way stretch gives you a little extra assistance in the “holding in” department too.

At first glance, I thought this bathing suit would leave awful tan lines and then considered that I change up my bathing suits often for precisely that reason.  The thick one-shoulder style is not only sophisticated, but would be perfect for keeping it in place while I was wading, chasing and swimming with my kids in the pool this summer.

And the “red chili” color?  To. Die. For.  Especially for a blonde like me!

Sabine Piano Key Necklace

This Sabine necklace in gold tone and cream is so fun, who wouldn’t want to tickle the ivories… er enamel?

A necklace like this is a major statement piece under a slim cut black jacket and silk tank.  Or don it with a plain, white tee and a pair of skinny jeans to change your look from “grocery shop” to “man hunt” in an instant.

And at $24, it’s so affordable, you can buy an extra one for your bestie!