Daily Covet

Sue Wong Black Long Feather Skirt Gown, ideeli sale $199

I only wish I had somewhere to wear this floor length gown.  I love the traditional deep v-neck, the umpire waistline with the beading  and more importantly, the feathers!

I never really thought of myself as a “feather wearer” other than maybe a hot pink boa at my cardio striptease class (sadly, one that I didn’t win because I don’t wear my stripper close enough to the outside!)

But anyway, I think even the most conservative of dress wearers could pull off this awesome Sue Wong gown.  So all of you birds of a feather, consider this!

Daily Covet: Michele, my bell

Michele Deco Diamond Stainless Steel Watch, Nordstrom $1645

This is another one of those things that’s been on my wish list for years.  I have gotten used to NOT wearing a watch but I have also gotten used to running a little late to almost everywhere.  While I know that I don’t need a $1700 timepiece to help me be on time, this is my blog and I can put anything that I absolutely desire with every fiber of my being on it, right?

I like to wear my watches a little loose like a bracelet and I love the subtle feminine bling and the masculine shape and weight.

So here it is, pretty fancy huh?!

Daily Covet

I was at the mall the other day for a play date (sadly, not to shop) and I took notice of all the adorable holiday outfits displayed in the windows for kids.  Now I love raising my two beautiful little men but it’s when the holidays roll around that I get reminded that I don’t get to pick out anybody’s Christmas dress, a wonderful task left to those that are raising little girls… or little cross dressers… or maybe to that super generous grandma that buys her granddaughters their Christmas dresses… but I digress.

Girls' swirling blooms dress, JCrew $118

So I decided that I would find the Christmas dress that I would buy, if I had a daughter because now I essentially have 2 daily covets; the dress and the daughter!  This little “Betty Draper” number is my favorite and of course, it’s from J.Crew, also a favorite. Cotton sateen, another one of my favorites (do you see a theme here?) for it’s shine and crispness, especially when it’s helped out by tulle underlay.  This dress is so uniquely holiday in that, it’d really be perfect for several seasons with it’s bright, abstract blooms.

Somebody, please buy this for your little girl and send me pictures!

Daily Covet

My Wonderful World of Fashion Book, "Kids" jcrew.com $19.95

Thinking about winter has me thinking about activities that will keep us busy indoors for a minimum of four months.  As I perused the crewcuts girls section of JCrew.com (another deep-seeded covet here), I found this great activity book for blooming fashionistas.  What a great gift for little girls, who love all things fashion!

And lest you think I wouldn’t consider buying this for my own long, cold, wintry day activity, let me remind you that I still have an arsenal of couture Barbie dolls (a collection started after I became old enough to legally drink) stashed away in storage.  I can color with the best of them!

Daily Covet

Whirlpetal Cardigan, Anthropologie sale $69.95

There’s nothing like bright red, orange and yellow leaves to get me into the mindset of the holidays ahead.  Halloween is almost here and that means Thanksgiving and Christmas will soon be upon us too.  With that in mind, I’ve got my eye out for some great looking duds to pull out of my closet at the drop of a hat.  I want to look like a bag lady because of all the holiday shopping I’ve done not because I’m wearing the oldest and ugliest my closet can produce!

With that said, I thought this fitted, feminine and fun sweater from Anthropologie would be the perfect piece to throw on with jeans and flats for a day of shopping or with a cute wool felted skirt and ankle boots for a holiday girls’ lunch.

And of course, I can always wear it when the Huskers go to the Big 12 Championship Game.  GO BIG RED!

Daily Covet

Monogrammed Chocolates, set of 6, RSHcatalog.com $35

I love to entertain and to be entertained during the holidays.  I take extra special pride in decorating my home this time of year and pull out all the stops for dinner parties too.  I also attend a Christmas dinner each year with five of my best girls.  We pick a restaurant with some private space and the tradition is to exchange ornaments.  This year, in addition to my ornament, I think I will surprise each of my besties with a monogrammed chocolate.  But sssshhh, it’s a surprise!