Need Brow Work?

I’ve given some thought to doing my own brows.  I know it sounds totally cheap, but it seems odd to pay someone $15-$30 to rip off almost no hair from above my eye.

In the end, I always suck it up and pay my wonderful hair person to do it.  And I think it’s a good decision on my part, as I do not have the easiest eyebrows to tame.

However, here is a video from that takes you through step by step.  And even if you still want to leave the removal to the professionals, it’s a great how-to on keeping up between waxes, penciling in lighter areas or taming stray hairs.



Daily Covet: Lace dresses on the down low

…price tags that is.

Love the lace dress trend?  Get the modern update on a classically feminine look.  And for a great bargain at

Navy Crochet Overlay Dress, $89.99

Eliza J Black Sleeveless Lace Dress, $49.99

Daily Covet: 10 Items I wish Crewcuts made for J. Crew women

I just received a couple of catalogs from one of my favorite stores, J. Crew.  I’m sure you’ve guessed this by now, as I feature them frequently.

But one thing bums me out.  There are some really cute things in the Crewcuts catalog (children’s line for those of you not from this planet) that I would love to have in regular women’s sizes.

In fact, there are 10 things off-hand that I would kill to own (well, maybe mame) in my own size.  And they are as follows:

Girls' jaspé zip cardigan, $55

Girls' pep squad skirt in stripe $40

Girls' patch-pocket skort, $45

Girls' side-zip café capri in apple bobbing, $68

Girls' pretty kitty cardigan, $70

Girls' heathered tumble skirt, $44

Girls' wafer terry colorblock dress, $50

Girls' chino ruffle jacket, $70

Girls' Mila engineer-stripe ballet flats, $55

Girls' mini-ruffle dress in ikat, $72

Dress Simply…

I could live in dresses.  In fact, in the spring, summer and fall, I usually do.

Dresses are easy.  They always fit, and if you buy the empire waisted ones that are so popular – and plentiful – in the marketplace they provide great coverage on those not so sleek days.

I love that I don’t have a waistband to get hot and sweaty in our middle America humidity.  I love that I’ve was able to wear non-maternity dresses a lot longer, even when I was pregnant.  And I love that I don’t have to find dresses to fit both my waist and my hips at the same time… a super irritating task when it comes to pants.

Here is a small collection of fun dresses (find shopping info on that are also very inexpensive, which is how I like my summer clothes because they are usually having picnics in the grass, drenched in sunscreen or semi-damp from being layered over my bathing suits.

Multiple bangles no more, just one bracelet will do.

I don’t know what took me so long to catch on as New York Mag did a piece on this bracelet 2 years ago…

I guess I’ve seen it, but wasn’t paying much attention because my preference has been to layer bangles in different colors and textures.

But this is a pretty unique bracelet.  It comes in several colors and cool materials that are edgy and classic all the same.

What do you think of these Leighelena buckle bracelets?

Leighelena Buckle Bracelets, $105-$150

Daily Covet: The Pink Blazer

If you haven’t noticed, the pink blazer is everywhere!  It comes in all different shapes and hues, and looks great with virtually everything.

The great part is that most of them seem to be really tailored – nipped in at the waist – to make them the perfect layering piece with skirts, dresses and my favorite, short shorts!

Here are a few examples, and you can find complete shopping info on

The Pink Blazer for Spring 2012

Sequin Gown for a Song

So the 2nd Annual Mom Prom is coming up on Saturday, March 3rd to benefit Ted E. Bear Hollow, a grief support organization for children.

And of course, I left the dress finding to virtually the last possible weekend.  There was a chic boutique on Saturday, where donated dresses are sold for $25 with all the proceeds going to the Open Door Mission’s Lydia House.

After scouring many racks in my size (or range of sizes, as the case actually is!), I loaded myself up with 5 try-on worthy dresses.  And then I stood in line for possibly 30, maybe more, minutes to jump into a makeshift dressing room.

The women patrolling the dressing rooms were counting garments at the front of the line, and gasped when they saw one of my formals still had price tags on it… $290 for the record.

They fought over who would get to buy it, if it didn’t fit me and ordered me to come out and show them when I had it on.  It was the first dress I put on, and it felt like it was specially made for me… this doesn’t happen often, bloggy friends.

The vote was unanimous, and after trying on several other dresses – 2 too big, 2 too small – this was to be my dress.

I guess I am going to this weekend’s Mom Prom glamorous and not tacky, as previously planned.

I’d show you a picture of the actual dress but my mom is taking the hem up (by hand – God love her!) about a foot this week.  So this is the closest dress I could find.  Mine is exactly the same, but with spaghetti-style instead of tank-style straps.

My $25 dress by Ralph Lauren, $270