Daily Covet: Parlez-vous francais?

Double-Breasted Knit Jacket, LOFT.com $98

This little jacket is so cute and so French, which as you know is my absolute favorite.  It’s also bon marché (cheap!)  I went to buy it the other day because I thought it would be a great everyday piece for the spring and lo and behold, they had nothing but extra smalls…. who is actually that size?

Anyway, it’s a new arrival so I’m sure they will get it in the next few weeks and you can be sure that I will be back!  Until then, it will remain in the annals of my daily covet.


Daily Covet: There’s nothing funny about this Valentine…

Today is the last day of January, which means we have 14 days to plan for Valentine’s Day.

Moschino Cheap & Chic Perfect Bow Dress, renttherunway.com $100

I was never really a big fan of Valentine’s Day but as soon as I started dating my husband, he changed my mind.  I can still remember the first Valentine’s Day we spent as a couple.  He pulled out all the stops after I spent the afternoon undergoing a root canal.

Dinner, candy, lingerie, flowers, music.  So I thought I might pull out the stops this year and by this, I mean I might get out of my little black sweats and into something a little RED HOT!

I think something along the lines of this little red dress might do it, don’t you?

Daily Covet: I might be “Nesting”

I’m pretty sure I’m “nesting.”  No, I’m not pregnant and I haven’t decided that I ever will be again.  But IF I did get pregnant and IF I did have a little girl and IF I won the lottery or a obtained a large inheritance and could justify buying a new crib, this is the one I would buy.

Having a baby girl means my dream of a baby girl’s nursery, fit for a princess, would finally come true.  While I was looking for furniture for my future sunroom makeover, I ran across this gorgeous crib at Restoration Hardware.  It looks so retro and “royal.”  Maybe the exquisite chandelier, soaring windows and ballet pink curtains help!

Martine Iron Canopy Crib, Restoration Hardware $899

Sun Room, Option #2

Yesterday, I posted “Option #1” for my sun room turned play/TV room.

Because my living room is blue and the sun room is set off by French doors with windows, another option is to just continue the color into the sun room.  See “Option #2” for a beautiful new space.

Sun Room, Option #2

“Haralson Settee, Ballarddesigns.com $949

5×8 Surya “Rain” Rug, Rugs-direct.com $345

“Sea Coral” Throw Pillow, Pillowdecor.com $39.95

Sawhorse End Table, Ballarddesigns.com $149

Turqoise Glass Lamp, Pier1.com $65

Vintage Tin Tiles, set of 3, Potterybarn.com $99

Logan Storage/Console Table, Pier1.com $269.99

Sun Room, Option #1

I’ve got a space that needs some TLC.  My husband used to work from home and used a very cute room off the back of our living room and adjacent to our kitchen for his office.  It’s not a big room but it’s got french doors and windows on three sides.  We have decided to turn this into a play/TVroom for our children.  Since it’s so close to the kitchen, I have a better vantage point to witness and hopefully stifle any trouble making they are getting into.

Because, it’s a narrow room, just over 7′ wide, I will need some smaller scale pieces.  And because it’s nestled between our kitchen and our living room, I didn’t want to add in another wall color.  I’ve decided that it either needs to be the same color as our kitchen or our living room.  Hence, we have “Option #1” followed tomorrow by “Option #2.”  Take a look….

Sun Room, Option #1

Chesterfield Loveseat, Ikat Medallion upholstery, Ballarddesigns.com $1183

Vetrina 60 inch Media Console, Ballarddesigns.com $599

Raie 3-drawer chest, Pier1.com $199

Serena Table Lamp, Pier1.com $99.99

5x 8 Cottage “Pom Pom” Rug, Rugs-direct.com $495

Daily Covet: A girl can dream

I hate my bed, I hate my bed not.  My current bed is a beautiful dark wood, four poster.  I love the way it looks but there are several issues, namely the mattress.  It’s hard and lumpy.  I wake up with sore hips, shoulders and neck – which ultimately leads me to a migraine some days.  My room also has windows on two sides and a chandelier that gets in the way of the end posts.

Some time ago and somewhere (I can’t even remember where), I picked up a furniture brochure for Roche Bobois studio.  I absolutely fell in love with a bed I saw and after reading the model name (Trianon bed), it occurred to me why.  Of course, it’s French!  The Trianons, both large and “petite” are located in Versailles.  The latter was Marie Antoinette’s personal quarters and both housed the most beautiful furniture.

It’s no surprise to me that I love the soft, fluid lines of this bed and the elegant subtlety.  Unfortunately, this is a “price upon request” line that I most assuredly cannot afford.  And if I’m being so bold as to put it on my blog, I might add that I’d also love a Temper-Cloud Luxe mattress for the low price of $3500 to actually lay my head on.

A girl can dream, right?  And rather well, in this bed, I would think.

Trianon Bed, Roche Bobois studio, price upon request

Daily Covet: This Jacket Required!

"luma" black 2fer sequin zip jacket, ideeli.com $69

I have an event this weekend.  I have shopped my own closet, my friend’s closet and several of my favorite stores for all the right pieces.   All I am missing is a black jacket to complete my “almost finished” ensemble.

Of course, ideeli.com wouldn’t let me down.  They have exactly what I am looking for although true to my usual luck and fortune, it would not be here in time for Saturday’s post-holiday party.

However, I did have to put it up on my Daily Covet because it’s such a great piece.  So versatile with jeans or with black pants and lends any outfit a tad bit of sophistication.  I may still go ahead and order it but damn! it won’t be in time for the perfect party.