Playing the Blues

Ok, so I’ve curated lots of cool blue items while on my search for the perfect deep blue, velvet sofa – some of which might make excellent gifts for your loved ones, BTW.

I’m not sure blue ever goes out per se. Luckily, for those of us that adore all things blue, it seems there’s a trendy shade in the lineup of popular pantones pretty much every year.

But I’m particularly into a jewel-toned sapphire hue, which looks even richer when paired with the hot metal of the moment – gold.


Valentine’s Day: the holiday most people hate

Most people I know absolutely detest Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s the ridiculous excuse to demand another gift from your SO or the fact that you seem to be uncannily S-O-less every time Valentine’s Day rolls around, this holiday ranks right up there with a root canal or digging sharpened pencils into your palms.

BUT, why not love the colors of love?

Red, fuchsia, pink, merlot…. there are so many gorgeous shades of Valentine-worthy dresses out there to choose from.

Wear them with your Valentine. Wear them to find a Valentine. Or wear them to swear off any more Valentines with your best gal pals instead.

But don’t skip an opportunity to show off your bad self in one of these AB FAB colors for a night!


JOSEPH Milano Skater Dress


Amanda Uprichard Elle Dress


Missguided Dayana Ball Dress


Catching Cap Sleeve Dress


Tart Marine Gathered Mini


Iris & Ink Olivia Leather Dress


Zac Posen Crepe dress


Love Moschino wrap-effect dress


Halston Heritage stretch-jersey dress


Matthew Williamson Crepe Dress


Thakoon Silk Wrap Dress

Daily Covet: Kate Spade Champagne Flutes

Nothing says “cheers” better than champagne flutes.

And these Kate Spade “Say the Word” flutes literally say, Cheers.  And Pop.  And Fizz.  And Clink too!

To top them off — or more appropriately — finish them off, these champagne flutes have handpainted, multicolored bases.

With the holidays approaching, Kate Spade’s champagne flutes are both a great gift and a great way to entertain.


Daily Covet: Trina Turk Velvet Shorts

Shorts were a staple in my fifth grade fall wardrobe.  I had tweed versions, wool flannel versions, corduroy versions.  I wore them with button down oxfords and argyle sweater vests.

A few seasons ago, cold-weather shorts came back.  Shorts in sequins.  Shorts in satin.  Shorts in leather.  And now these gorgeous shorts in rich, merlot-colored velvet.

I’ve been a fan of Trina Turk for a long time, and love the L.A. brand for it’s signature funky prints.

But these lucious velvet shorts make me think “twist” on the usual holiday dressing.  I love how they are shown here with a feminine blouse and dressy cardigan, but I can also see them dressed down with a chunky cowl-neck sweater and fun flats.

These are oh so irresistable!

Panic in the kitchen

This morning, I was supposed to be downtown to shoot an anniversary video for   But that was after I got my oldest to preschool and my youngest to my in-laws.

Oh yeah, and I had to make something for my preschooler’s Thanksgiving Feast to drop off.  Since my good friend decided to make her Nanny’s sausage stuffing, I figured Stove Top was out of the question.  So I made what I always make…

A phone call to my mother.

I needed something quick and easy, and she came through for me again.  If any of you out there are like me, and are extremely impaired when it comes to your kitchen, you will appreciate this easier than easy recipe.  WOW your family and friends, when you come waltzing in with a twist on the seasonal favorite !

Cranberry Orange Relish

Cranberry Orange Relish

2 cups fresh organic cranberries

1 organic orange

1 cup of sugar

Mint sprig (optional)

Put cranberries and sugar into food processor and chop into relish-like consistency.  Cut orange into 8 wedges and add one at a time to food processor.  Skins and all.  Pour into a serving bowl and garnish with a piece of mint (optional).

Daily Covet: Scene It and not heard

We had a low key dinner party with friends on New Year’s Eve.  It included our small children and their’s, as well.  Once we got our children to bed, we sat down to play the Xbox version of Scene It.  It was SO FUN!

My husband and I are pretty well versed in movies and we thought we’d do pretty well but we got spanked by the youngest of the bunch, until the very end.  “Field of Dreams” was the last movie and that’s where you rack up the most points.  My husband came back and won!

I found it odd though that we weren’t even speaking through much of the game.  We were all so preoccupied with trying to read and answer the questions that we weren’t even being social… and sadly, our second game got cut short by our 18MO that got sick.  So we had to take him home before the ball even dropped.  But now our interest is piqued and we are dying for a rematch!

Scene It for Xbox, $25

Animals don’t send Christmas Cards

I know you’ll think I have it out for all household family pets but I really don’t.  As I mentioned in a blog awhile back on, I think family pets play an integral part in some people’s lives and if those people are diligent and responsible about taking care of them, I am all for it.

I just don’t want one.  And I don’t want yours either:  especially not in the form of a Christmas card or a Christmas letter, written from your seemingly gifted cat or dog.

Christmas cards are for humans.  They are sent to humans, by humans.  I would love to hear about what’s been happening this year with you and your family but I’m pretty sure I can already guess that your family pet slept, ate and shat most of the year.

Some will say, “Our pet is like our child.”  To that I say, take a family picture and include your cat or dog but don’t send me (and I’m sure there will be loads that agree) pictures of just your dog.  Your pet doesn’t mean to anyone, what (s)he means to you so it’s just better to save the money spent on expensive picture cards and send a nice pre-printed card with a holiday sentiment on it.

…unless your pet can actually address, stamp and deliver the card to the post office.  In that case, I’d prefer the video.