Back to School

I’m sending my first born to school in 6 days.
He’s excited.  I get knots in my stomach just thinking about it.
He’s ready, but I can’t believe he’s going to be gone all day, every day.  He’s been with me for almost 6 years… my buddy. my associate.  my Tomas the Train enthusiast.  my personal shopper.  my lunch date. my baby.
So, in honor of my little guy’s first day of school, I’ve put together a fun collection of “Back to School” items that any girl could show off — in class or otherwise!

Daily Covet: Black double side-tie bikini bottoms

I have this black bikini from my pre-baby days that I adore, even though the top got a little skimpy post baby.

I still love the bottoms, but bought a replacement top with more coverage, and have mixed separates that I also like to mix and match.

With that said, the bottoms have become a little played out… the elastic is losing it’s elasticity. The strings on the sides are starting to poke through their black fabric covering.  And the once shiny, black material is losing its luster.

So I am on the hunt for a new pair of side tie bikini bottoms that will fit me, whether I am wearing a halter-style top, a tankini or other separates that I feel like throwing on that day.  Here are a few I’ve found so far… but fit, fit, fit will be the key.

I hope I can replace them!

Notsostring Bottom, $42

Women’s Mix & Match String Bikini Bottoms, $12.50

Beach Sexy® Double String Bottom, $18

Ralph Lauren Blue Label – Side Tie Bikini Bottom,, sale $30

tie bikini, $33

Freya Swim Cha Cha Rio Tie Side Crochet Bikini Brief, $40

Daily Covet: Light the Way

I often rejoice and lamment characteristics of our old house.  Today, I will lament.  You have been forewarned.

Our living room is my favorite room in the house.  We entertain there, we put our feet up there at night when the kids go to bed, we spruce it up for the holidays with the bulk of our decor and it’s the one room I attempt to protect from my children, by constantly screaming at them about how much everything in there cost me.

The downside.  Downside?  There is no overhead light.  You have to be sitting practically on top of one of two lamps to read, even oversized print.  I want so badly to have overhead lighting.  An electrician once told us that it would be a feat to put a fixture in the middle of the room, as he’d have to cut into the crown molding… (and I heard blah, blah, beautiful lighting, blah, blah, blah…)  Afterall, in the good words of Eleanor Roosevelt, “It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.”

So I keep looking at fixtures anyway.  I mean it’s not impossible to put it in… it would just be a hassle.  A hassle I’d be willing for my electrician to endure, for this sophisticated AND CHEAP chandelier!

Chrome 3-light Black Shade Crystal Chandelier, $129

Daily Covet: Long and Shorts of it…

The long story is that years ago, I bought this adorable black sequin mini skirt… really before sequins became a wear everyday, everywhere embellishment.  I bought it a size larger than normal because I wanted it to hang a little lower since it was a mini after all, and I was in my early 30’s after all.

Sadly, it ran very small and so it never really fit well.  But I couldn’t part with it.

Fast forward to last week, I tried it on with jet black opague tights and amazing jewelry and Voila!  My Annual Girls’ Night Out Holiday Ornament Exchange outfit.

Until this week, when it’s just days from “that time of the month,” and I feel awful in the outfit that I thought I looked really good in only days ago…. apparently being really excited about an outfit adds 10 lbs.

So the short of it, you ask?  By all means… see below.  I love everything about these, they would still look great with tights, I would actually order the right size (maybe even a back-up size) and I’d be set… if they could be here by 7pm tomorrow (Saturday)!

Annnndddd, if I had $265 to spend on sequined, laced and pearl’d hot pants that I’d probably, in all reality, wear once.

Shakuhachi High Waisted Shorts, Les Pommettes $265

Joyeux Noël Paris!

Joyeux Noël Paris!

D G slim fit blazer
$521 –

Dallin Chase sequin skirt
$104 –

Anya Hindmarch red clutch
$454 –

Roberto Coin diamond drop earrings
$1,620 –

Daily Covet: Warm and fuzzy…on the outside

MICHAEL Michael Kors Sequined Eyelash Fringe Bouclé Jacket, Nordstrom $175.00

These Chanel-ish bouclé jackets are all the rage again this season but this one has sequins and metallic thread running through it, making it evening-wear ready.

Or match it up with your favorite pair of heather gray, wool, flannel trousers and you have a “ladies who lunch” ensemble; just add champagne!

But in all honesty, I’d prefer to throw it on with my darkest of skinny jeans, my highest of black pumps and give it a pop with a bright satin bag.

At this price, it’s a staple and you’ll be able to wear it on and off for years to come!

Daily Covet

Clinton (not Kelly) Trench, Anthropologie $188

It got a little chilly here in middle America this weekend.  It makes me think “coats!”  I have had a love affair with coats for a long, long time… I think it may have started with my first pea coat in the third grade.

I collect coats like some people collect coins or stamps and I’ve got my eye on my next coat.  Anthropologie has a hot little number called the “Clinton Trench.”  I’d like to think it’s named after another one of my favorites:  Clinton Kelly of What Not To Wear, but it’s doubtful.  Anyway I’m in the trenches this fall and I love this one.

Ruffles are big, trenches are big, black is always BIG and the Clinton Trench has it all, just like Clinton Kelly!