Which is faster?

I hate shopping at Walmart but it’s so damn cheap!  This morning I was there doing my weekly BIG shopping trip, ran into some friends that we chatted with and continued to shop.  I buzzed through the huge store fairly quickly because I now know where everything is and pretty much buy the same thing every time…

So on to check-out.  It literally took me longer to pay for my groceries than to actually navigate my way through the store to pick them out.  Why, you ask?

Well consider this: There are two express lane checkers standing around in between customers with less than 12 or 15 or 20 items.  They even had the audacity to go and stand at the entrance to their line to let people know they were available while the rest of us helpless F*%#s waited for seven other people to get through the line ahead of us, because there are also only two checkers in regular lines.

Meanwhile, as I stand in line for 45 minutes and look at the millions of Walmart employees walking through the store , I consider all the things I could’ve accomplished in that time…

1) Removed polish and repainted finger and toe nails.

2) Could’ve had Grant down for his nap with a bottle

3) Jack’s lunch would’ve been made and almost eaten

4) Groceries unloaded and put away, groceries bags put back into car for next use.

5) Car washed & gassed up… oops, just remembered I’m probably running on fumes!

6) Call made to Mom to wish her a Happy Birthday… the last in her 5th decade!

7) Flowers watered, back yard toys picked up, trimmed Peonies back and cut some Hydrangeas for a vase indoors.

I could go on but I won’t bore you… I just wanted to vent and will probably end up writing a letter to management at the 72nd St. Walmart.  I suggest you do the same if you’ve had to wait in line longer than it’s taken you to actually shop.

Good Day.


Okoboji or BUST!

So I’m back from Okoboji, where I spent a long and heavenly weekend with some of my best girls.  It’s day two of the “real world” and I’m already tired and haven’t slept through either night.  I did, however, promise an update of the weekend so here it goes!

We left Friday around noon.  Three cars, full of seven girls, leaving from two cities to have a fun-filled and child/spouse-free weekend in Lake Okoboji.  My friend, Tammy, purchased a lovely town home there about a year and a half ago and she graciously hosted us.   Upon arriving we sat out on the back patio with fresh guacamole, salsa, chips, cold cuts and crackers and of course, our first round of cocktails!  We joked and laughed and thought of a plan for our evening.

Then Tammy revealed the “favors.”  You gotta have favors!  She had purchased each one of us a big, plush, brightly-colored beach towel with an adorable initial on it.  Everyone got one except Gaye, who got her last name initial.  Apparently, this particular vendor doesn’t make anything with the letter “G” on it.  Just so you know if you are going to shop for “favors” at Von Maur… either that or you will have to excommunicate your friend with the initial “G.”

We got cleaned up and headed out to Bracco’s for cocktail hour.  The waitress there was the biggest “Debbie Downer” ever.  She had a negative comment for everything we ordered; “the virgin margarita is bad, the bartenders said people are sending back the mango margaritas…”  We then asked her what she liked and she told us her favorite drink… followed by the fact that they were out of it.  I hope Christina didn’t tip her well when she picked up our entire tab!

Back to Tammy’s due to my oncoming migraine.  Luckily, going home for the night was the right thing to do… a torrential rain storm hit within minutes of us arriving back at the house.  Watches and warnings blared from the T.V. and we all sat up visiting and imbibing.  We went to bed late and although it took me a while to get to sleep, once I did… I slept the entire night straight through until 9:30 am.  I don’t think I’ve slept that well since I had children, almost four years ago!

Saturday morning, with the smell of Rachel’s mini quiches and cinnamon rolls in the oven, I suited up, grabbed my iPod and headed out for a morning run – ON MY OWN!   I can’t tell you how liberating it is to just get the workout bug and go… I didn’t have to feed and dress three of us, manage daycare or get kiddos in and out of car seats.  It was heavenly.  I think I’d work out more often if it were that easy every day!

Thirty minutes later, I arrived home to Rachel’s breakfast, hot coffee, cold orange juice and the first shower I’ve had before 11:00am in a long time!  We got dolled up and headed out for a little small town shopping for souvenirs, nicknacks and gimcracks.

One o’clock that afternoon found us leaving for a lake cruise on a double-decker, glass bottomed boat on the West Lake.  Since it was just the seven of us on the boat, we had the entire top donned with brightly-colored Adirondack chairs to ourselves.  Captain Gary navigated the lake for us and showed us “Eagle Point” where a bald eagle sat perched way up high.   There was also Rachel the bartender, that supplied us with two hours of cold beer while we sunned, rested and laughed.

After a brief stop at Tammy’s aunt and uncle’s home, we stopped for lunch and headed out for a little more shopping.  We stopped at a great place with a bad name, called Barnswallow.  They had the most wonderful floor of children’s things and a more trinkets, art and party favors than you could ever use.  I bought a little stack of plastic glasses with the acronym “S.L.U.T.” on them… no not because we are easy but because it broke down into “Stressed Ladies Unwinding Together.”  I thought this very apropos.  I also picked up some pink napkins for Brooke that made a joke about partying in your minivan, which she just obtained in preparation for her growing family.

That night, we were too lazy to head out again and decided to snack on bacon wrapped chestnuts, the yummiest, cheesiest dip EVER and Brooke’s awesome snack mix that we have all come to love… and thank God, she was able to find the mini vanilla wafers or else Teri would’ve been in a bad way!

Another storm blew in and again, we were lucky to have been at home instead of outside at some bar in town.  We stayed up late, playing Apples to Apples and making fun of each other… it was “friggin’ hilarious!” to say the least.  I climbed the stairs at 1:10 a.m. and slept again straight through the night until I heard the shower running at 8:45am.

We had had our fun but were anxious now to get on the road and get back to our families.  While I thought I could have fun there forever… I was itching to see my babies and my darling husband… and we still had a 3 1/2 hour drive ahead of us.

What a great weekend with a great bunch of chicks.  It was so nice to unwind, laugh and sleep in for the weekend but when it comes down to it, there’s no place like home!

22 hours…48 minutes

I am literally counting the hours & minutes until I leave for the weekend.  My kids are wearing me out.  They are wonderful but they are wearing me out!

A good friend of mine has a house up in Okoboji and 7 of us are going sans kids, sans husbands for the weekend!  I’m going to sleep all night, get up when I want to, sit by the lake and drink margaritas and wear big girls clothes instead of my yoga pants.

Booze cruise and dinner out are also on our agenda.  What more can I ask for?  Check back in for the deets on my weekend.

Press Updates!

I always wanted to say that!  I got a call from one of my BFFs telling me that her sis-in-law in New York saw my name & blurb about living in Omaha as a family in Parenting Magazine.  I believe it’s the June issue, not sure of the page yet… I’ll update later.

Also, I entered Grant in a cute baby contest, so you can vote for him here!

And Grant turned 1 on June 3rd.  It’s been the fastest year of my life!  He’s a busy bee and amazingly healthy and strong.  We are so fortunate that he has done so well considering he was such an “early bird!”

Hope everyone is ready for summer, it’s right around the corner!

Be well.