Covet Update

I have been trying furiously to find something that I want so that I could update this blog with something fabulous!  However, I obtained (received or purchased) some of my very favorite things that I have posted here before.  I have also written of my technology travails and have some updates on that, as well.

My stupid HTC Aria is now non-working again.  If you remember, the screen had shattered for no apparent reason and I took it upon myself to fix it after weeks of waiting for a stupid part to come from Asia… only to not have the proper tool to actually install said screen.  Then I dropped it while shopping one day and the screen went black.  After a tedious repair department exchange, I am coveting an iPhone even more than before.  Alas, I’m not due for an upgrade ’til this time next year!

Next up:  The Kindle.  My husband, who was not supposed to be shopping for me this year, bought me the new Kindle 3G.  I love it more than I even thought I would.  I was all out of books and too wound up to sleep on Christmas night.  I just grabbed my Kindle, dialed up the book I wanted and logged into my Amazon account, where all my credit card information was stored.  So from the comfort of my own bed, I bought my first book!  What can I say, I’m in love!

Workout clothes.  I also received that cute Athleta, long sleeve running tee for Christmas.  I’m sure after the holidays are sufficiently over, I will love wearing it to run outside or to go to the gym.  It’s almost too adorable to work out in though.

Long Sleeve Twist Top $69.00, WorkitOUT Tight $59,

My black Sporto rain boots with the tree print went on sale at right after Christmas.  I received them today, promptly tried them on and of course, my calves are TOO BIG!  They hit me at the most inconvenient place, just  like ski boots… so I gave up skiing.  I will NOT give up rain boots.  I have the other quilted Sperry pair coming in a few days… fingers crossed, they will fit better.

Sporto Wendy, $55

Software.  The HGTV Home Design for MAC also showed up under the tree (amazing how well my 4YO and my 18MO follow my blog here at Little Black Sweats.)  It’s really cool software and although I’m dying to figure out how to use it, I haven’t gotten past setting up the walls to virtually redesign my whole kitchen.  Hopefully, I’ll have reason to post some renovation project pictures in the near future.

So, it’s been a pretty good year.  Santa was good to me and I purchased a few of my covets myself… after much bargain hunting, I might add.  Here’s to an even better 2011… and a whole new year of finding “must haves!”

Daily Covet: Baby, it’s cold outside

Cole Haan down asymmetric zip coat, $297

We are expecting a minimum of 4 inches of snow for Christmas.  It makes me cold just thinking about it.  And while I have a perfectly good long, black, belted, down coat – I’m on the hunt for a new one.  My reasoning is because I got my last one 4 months post partum and had to get it big to fit around my new mommy chest and butt!  But, do I need a reason for my Daily Covet?  I think not!

So I’m hoping that Santa baby might put a sleek, new black coat under the tree… for me (in my best Eartha Kitt impersonation!)  What better one than this adorable Cole Haan version with a new twist:  an asymmetrical zipper front and an elastic, cinched in back for great feminine shaping?

Daily Covet: Frankly Scarlett, I don’t give a L.A.M.B.

You would think I was in mourning.  I’m always wearing black.  My winter coats are black.  My winter boots are black.  And most of my handbags are also black.  I know black is the new black but it’s always nice to have a pop of color in that sea of black.  That’s why this red L.A.M.B. hobo totally caught my eye when I was doing my daily check of all my favorite sites this morning.

Who could resist this slouchy, roomy and presumably soft as “butt-uh” leather bag?  And of course, it has Gwen Stefani’s stamp of designer approval.  What more could you ask for?

As always, has a great deal on this gorgeous bag and just in time for the holidays!


l.a.m.b. Scarlett Josephine Small Hobo, $129

Which one of these is just like the other?

I know I’m not the only one to notice that every Hollywood starlet is starting to look the same.

I’m talking about women who were formerly stunning and were aging well to begin with, have gone under the knife to essentially stop aging… the exact same knife, it seems because the noses all look the same.  The cheeks look the same.  The puffed up clown lips that leave no visible expression look the same.

And I have to wonder if these women have mirrors?  If they think they look better?  Or is it that everyone else looks the way that they do, post surgery so they think it’s normal?


Lisa Rinna, pre "lip fix"


Melanie Griffith, a train wreck for some time...

Nicole Kidman, was beautiful and now looks like everyone else with bad surgery

Courtney Cox. Beautiful in Springsteen's music video, beautiful in Friends, shocking in Cougar Town!

Meg Ryan, formerly the "girl next door"

Wizard of Oz's Cowardly Lion, who apparently, everyone wants to look like.

Who would you rather look like?  As if, I even have to ask!

Guess which one hasn't had plastic surgery!

Daily Covet: My covet fire needs a little “Kindle”-ing!

Kindle 3G Wireless Reading Device, $189

I love to read.  I usually have a stack of unread books next to my bedside just waiting to be cracked open.

There are times though, when I really want to read a book that someone has mentioned or possibly one that I’ve read a review for and I can’t remember what it was by the time I finally get to the bookstore.

It sure would be nice to grab my Kindle and order it up, right then and there!

Daily Covet: Time’s not wasted on Hermès

Cape Cod Ladies Watch, Hermè $2100

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m a timepiece whore.  I love, love, love watches and they don’t necessarily have to be expensive for me to WANT them!  However, with that said, this one just happens to be quite surely out of my current price range.

And while this particular timepiece is far more casual than my last watch covet (see here), it is slightly more expensive.  And I love that the double wrap band is almost like a set of bangles, making it double as bracelets.

And hey, I can wear it almost daily right?

Daily Covet: Mirror, Mirror, you’re the fairest of them all

Mirrored Dresser, $1298.00

I am absolutely head over heels for mirrored furniture.  This dresser reminds me of my trip to Versailles, where there were entire rooms of mirrored pieces alongside rich fabrics and beautiful crystal chandeliers.

I love how this very opulent piece has been turned a bit shabby chic similar to Mercury glass.

And while I would love to have two of them to use as bedside tables, the very NOT low price of $1298 means they will probably remain more of a covet than a probable purchase.