Daily Covet: to not have the flu

My two-year-old woke up in the middle of the night on Monday night/Tuesday morning to share with us his newfound flu.  I won’t go into great detail, but I did spend about 45 minutes cleaning the carpet in our upstairs hall (I hate carpet!) and a bed full of sheets, blankets, stuffed animals and toy cars.

He woke up again at 8am with dry heaves and at noon, I was in for a real doozy.  Needless to say, the bathroom I had cleaned specifically for our weekend guests was getting a second scrubdown from top to bottom.

So wouldn’t you know that standing at the kitchen sink this morning, I got a wave – actually a long lasting bout is more like it – of nausea, followed by a breakout of sweat and dizziness.

A friend saved me by taking and picking up my oldest for preschool, as well as busying him at the park for much of the afternoon.  The morning was long, but my toddler still naps, which left me time to lay around some more.

So this day, when I am feeling lousy and missing the last dance class before our spring recital, I would love the following:

For my upset tummy…

For my poor, aching body…

For my children, who are being raised by friends and tv…

For after my first shower in several days…

And for… well, keeping me company and laughing at my jokes.  Duh!

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