Daily Covet: Thakoon Pleated Back Wool Coat

This great winter coat from Thakoon is at GILT.com this afternoon.

It is the best time of the year for great deals on winter coats.  And this beautiful $2,000 coat is now marked down more than 50%.  Yes, I’ve done the math.

But I still love it.  Gray is one of my absolute favorite non-colors, and how can you even pass up the gorgeous pleating in the back.  It soooo reminds me of Mary Poppins!

While it’s probably not in the cards for this girl on a budget, it is most definitely on my drool-worthy list of covets!

Double_Breasted_Pleated_Back_Wool_Coat_by_Thakoon_at_Gilt Double_Breasted_Pleated_Back_Wool_Coat_by_Thakoon_at_Gilt

Prada Sale at GILT.com

Attention all fashion addicts!

Prada Sale at GILT.com.  Delicious boots, gorgeous handbags, positively feminine pumps… need I go on?

Here are some of my faves, but again, I should be spending my time and money spoiling my loved ones this time of year.

Fingers crossed, the deals will be even better post holiday!

Prada Red Boots Prada Handbags & Shoes at Gilt Prada Handbags & Shoes at Gilt Prada Handbags & Shoes at Gilt Prada Handbags & Shoes at Gilt Prada Handbags & Shoes at Gilt Spazzolato Tote by Prada at Gilt Prada Handbags & Shoes at Gilt Prada Handbags & Shoes at Gilt Prada Handbags & Shoes at Gilt

Daily Covet: Classic books in cute outfits!

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.  Isn’t that how the old adage goes?

Well, you’ll want to judge these classic books by their book jackets.  Juniper Books LLC features these beautiful covers, designed by Daniela Jaglenka Terrazini.  Each Puffin classic book is wrapped in a bold new design that I would love to have in my “library!”

Love Sherlock Holmes?  They’ve got those too!
You can also judge some cook books by their covers and even my favorite, a J.D. Salinger collection.  Your bookshelves would be so cute!

Daily Covet: Dolce & Gabbana Handbags

Dolce & Gabbana handbags – and lots of ’em – are my covet today.

A gaggle of Dolce & Gabbana handbags are featured on GILT.com today, and they are on “sale!”

Y’all know how I love me a good handbag, and have posted many during LBS.com’s tenure.  But this is one collection that makes it virtually impossible to settle on just one!

Here are some faves….







Daily Covet: Socks

Socks.  Yep, you read that right.

There are so many positives to having sons these days.  Especially when you consider girls and jr. high or high school.

However, there is one thing sons will never have on daughters, and that is their wardrobe.  I was devestated to find out I wouldn’t be filling the tiny closets of my then hypothetical home with pink tu-tus and mary janes and hats and Easter dresses.

Boys’ clothes have come a long way since the mid-70’s when my little brother was sporting Garanimals.  But, they still aren’t anywhere near as plentiful or excruciatingly adorable as the worldwide selection of girls’ clothes.

So what’s a fashmomista to do?

Invest in cute socks.  My boys had adorable socks.  Trumpette socks, striped socks in every color, bright green and blue socks with planes on them, and Christmas socks with silver snowflakes or penguins in scarves.

Needless to say when I ran across these adorable socks from Let’s Have Sox this afternoon on GILT.com, I was smitten.  And at $30 for 10 pairs, they are a steal too!

Aren’t these delicious?

Photo via Gilt.com

Unique Furnishings and Pops of Color

I love painted furniture in bright poppy hues and am always looking to add those statement making pieces to my own house.  While my bank account doesn’t include many of these items procured by designer Susan Hornbeak-Ortiz on GILT.com, I do like to virtually browse for ideas that better fit into my budget.  Here are some of my faves…

Daily Covet: Get your hands on Marc Jacobs handbags

Leave it to GILT.com to offer another amazing collection of designer pieces at great prices (although still top designer prices).  Today, they have a slew of Marc Jacobs handbags in many colors, styles and fabrics.

Here are my faves…