Daily Covet: On The Wild Side

Cole Haan Air Morgan Pump 90, Zappos.com $348

And when I say “wild”, I mean in a “practical” sort of way, because really how wild are chunky-heeled loafers?

This is the thing.  These girls are cute.  So cute, in fact, that they’d almost be cuter sitting on your mantel where you can see the red quilting inside.

But if you are one of those women, who take your shoes off under your desk – just make sure they are strategically placed for people that are walking by to see.

However, if you insist on wearing them, and I would recommend that you do, pair them with red up top instead.  Or something more neutral, with a large red bag.

Either way, these combination Cole Haan and Nike Air beauties, mean you’ll walk the corporate halls in amazing comfort and impeccable style.

Daily Covet: Silk & Soaring Window Treatments

Back in the day of Domino Magazine (0f which I am still mourning the loss), and around the same time we bought our little English Tudor, I fell in love with these drapes.  So much so that I had to pull out the page, and add it to the “house file” that I have yet to create 5.5 years later.

And now, when decorating for Christmas is underway, I feel the need to have soaring blue drapes.

I would hang them way up high, to make my already high ceilings soar even more.  And the voluminous and rich silk would fall into puddles on my wood floors.  Wood floors that are too light and need to be refinished darker, I might add.  But a covet for another day….

Drapes are like hair for your window.  Although my windows have beautiful plantation shutters.  I feel like they need their “hair” done, especially when I’m trying to make my fairly long and narrow living room feel cozy.

from former Lucky Magazine, I think...

Daily Covet: One word. Cashmere.

Ok, I had a crisis there for a minute, and it’s been averted.  Cranberry orange relish was a hit, and was quick enough to keep me on schedule.

So back to what’s important.  Far more important than nourishment, if you ask me… Come on people, I cannot carry you through Thanksgiving with my culinary expertise! (You can stop choking on your beverage now.)

So, what am I coveting today?  Primarily, sleep.  But what’s better than reading your favorite magazine, Lucky, fluffing your pillow and peacefully drifting off to sleep?

I’ll tell you what.  Doing it in cashmere.  Need I say more?

Ok, so it’s not cheap.  But you could wear this cashmere tank set from RedEnvelope.com every night of the year, if you wanted to, making the cost per wear $0.41.  You probably spend far more than that on Vicks VapoRub, Kleenex and your reusable water cup.

Give it some thought… or put it at the top of your Christmas list!

Cashmere tank set, RedEnvelope.com $149.95

Panic in the kitchen

This morning, I was supposed to be downtown to shoot an anniversary video for Momaha.com.   But that was after I got my oldest to preschool and my youngest to my in-laws.

Oh yeah, and I had to make something for my preschooler’s Thanksgiving Feast to drop off.  Since my good friend decided to make her Nanny’s sausage stuffing, I figured Stove Top was out of the question.  So I made what I always make…

A phone call to my mother.

I needed something quick and easy, and she came through for me again.  If any of you out there are like me, and are extremely impaired when it comes to your kitchen, you will appreciate this easier than easy recipe.  WOW your family and friends, when you come waltzing in with a twist on the seasonal favorite !

Cranberry Orange Relish

Cranberry Orange Relish

2 cups fresh organic cranberries

1 organic orange

1 cup of sugar

Mint sprig (optional)

Put cranberries and sugar into food processor and chop into relish-like consistency.  Cut orange into 8 wedges and add one at a time to food processor.  Skins and all.  Pour into a serving bowl and garnish with a piece of mint (optional).

Where have you been all my life?

I have been introduced to a website that is beyond my wildest dreams.  If I was any kind of technically-savy, I would say that I should’ve made it up myself a long time ago.

Everyone knows I’m mad about scouring the Internet, stores and what have you, to find and post things that I really, really need.  Ok, want.  But sometimes it feels like I need them.  And it’s my blog.

Yesterday, I posted this little ensemble I put together on Polyvore.com.  Polyvore.com has everything a girl could want in their virtual closet, PLUS backgrounds, text, different fonts and more.  I can’t even tell you how much time I have spent on this site, in under a week and CANNOT believe that I didn’t know about this sooner.

I blame my high-maintenance children. Always wanting to eat…or to bathe….or to be dropped off at school.

But right now, I have time to myself to simply put great outfits together – complete with handbags, jewelry, shoes and other great accessories.

I worked on this little number this week.  Enjoy!

Weekend Chic, littleblacksweats on Polyvore.com for more info

Joyeux Noël Paris!

Joyeux Noël Paris!

D G slim fit blazer
$521 – stylebop.com

Dallin Chase sequin skirt
$104 – couturecandy.com

Anya Hindmarch red clutch
$454 – my-wardrobe.com

Roberto Coin diamond drop earrings
$1,620 – bloomingdales.com

Daily Covet: Work in Progress

Vintage Pen & Watercolor Nude, Trove Decor $399

You know how they say that your home can be a lifelong work in progress?  Well, my home is definitely that.  In fact, it might be in progress during someone else’s lifetime after mine.  One thing my husband and I are always looking out for, is interesting art.  Things that speak to us.  I was sifting through my emails this morning, and decided to check out some of the collections on OneKingsLane.com.

This pen and watercolor sketch, procured by Trove Decor in Pennsylvania, caught my eye.

I liked that the woman looks as if she is shielding her eyes from the sun.  But without being dressed, I imagined her in the morning, getting out of the shower or about to get dressed in a sun-drenched room.  It’s simple.   Not a lot of color.

And that’s ok because I’ve got plenty of that going on already.

Daily Covet: Let’s Toast Some New Glassware

Most years, my neighbors have a “Christmas Walk” in which we choose a few houses to visit, while we drink and nosh ourselves into a heady early evening.  It’s a chance for us to see how everyone has decorated their homes for the holidays.  It’s also a chance for us to get together before winter hits.  A time when we rarely see eachother, unless it’s to shovel our driveways.

I have offered to host this year.  I’m thinking that I’d like to take the first shift, so that I can serve up a cocktail hour.  It’s a chance for me to pull out my good crystal and cute, holiday dishes.  And as I perused the Room Service Home Catalog website, these stem-less champagne flutes caught my eye.  The thing I like most about them, is that they are each a unique pattern.

Dainty Champagne Flutes (set of 6), rshcatalog.com $65

Wouldn’t these be perfect for a little holiday happy hour in my living room?  It also reminds me that mixing patterns and textures of any table top pieces or glassware can make for a really interesting display.  You could just as easily stop in at Tuesday Morning, Pier 1 or  even TJ Maxx to create your own unique set.

So CHEERS, my friends!

Daily Covet: At Least Parts of Me Can Party

BOBBI BROWN Ultimate Party Collection, Barneys.com $65.00

I cannot tell you how many days have gone by, when I haven’t put at least a little make-up on.  Honestly, more than I care to admit.

But when I see fun make-up in pretty cases – because that’s my first criteria in picking new shades or formulas – I can’t help but to long for it.  So imagine my giddiness when I found this Bobbi Brown set.  My covet instinct kicked in to overdrive.

What’s better than party-ready eyes in shimmering hues, and staining your pout with juicy glosses from a sleek, black compact?  The actual act of Partying might be the one topper.

But if your invite is lost in the mail, you may as well look the partying part!

Daily Covet: Boot-iful Enough for a Princess!

Ugg Toddlers Baily Bow, VonMaur.com $100

I just said to my husband this morning, “Ugg makes everything!”  And they do.  Ugg bags, Ugg hats, Ugg gloves (gloves that I want!), Ugg shoes and slippers and more…

I thought I’d seen all things Ugg, but then one little girl came to pick up her sister at my son’s preschool class.  She was probably 2 years old with tiny little feet, and instead of the typical oversized suede boots I normally see, she had on the tiniest hot pink little boots I’d ever seen.

Complete with corset-style satin ribbons and hot pink sheepskin fur too!