Kentucky Derby Style

Next week, my husband and I will be attending a Kentucky Derby Party.  Hats Required.

And you know me?  There’s nothing I love better than a theme party.   So I’m on the hunt for some Derby-worthy duds to wear while I sip Mint Juleps and cheer on my favorite ponies.

Oh!  And guys, don’t leave home without your seersucker! has been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award

A special thanks goes out to Stephanie of one of my favorite blog sites (and bloggers!), for nominating me for The Versatile Blogger Award.

If you don’t have this site on your radar, check into it.  Stephanie reviews books and book covers – my favorite is “Awesome Book Cover Friday.”  And while our genres-of-choice often differ, I do so enjoy her thoughts on books I would otherwise know nothing about.

She also has helpful posts on writing and editing for those of us, who are looking to expand our knowledge in that realm.

And to the rest of my loyal readers – thank you for reading, commenting, and “liking” the posts you see on  It means so much to have you interact regularly, and to share your thoughts.  It’s the reason I update it day after day, afterall!

The Rules

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About Me

1.  I want to be a fashion stylist when I grow up… or when my kids get old enough to make their own lunch.

2.  I fell from a 3rd story apartment balcony when I was toddler, totally unscathed.

3.  I’ve made 2 radio commercials in my life – the 2 were totally unrelated.

4.  My favorite food is Thai chicken lavosh (at least this week.)

5.  My two sons are named after Civil War heroes – totally unplanned.

6.  I hated the color blue growing up.  Now I can’t get enough of it.

7.  I write a regular column on Fridays for a social networking site for mothers.

Blogs I Adore

Shopping, Saving & Sequins

Paying Gig: Zest for Life, A Quest for Healing

January 27th marks a very important date.  To honor what would have been their stillborn baby’s first birthday, the Hubertys are hosting a benefit for a group that promotes safe pregnancies.


Time to change gears!

If you recall, last year we had a very cool “Mad Men” inspired dinner party with our close group of friends (read here.)  This year, our idea was to go “Great Gatsby” style, but after hectic holidays for 6 couples, who have a gaggle of small children between us, we’ve decided to put off the “costume” portion of our annual New Year’s dinner party, and just go dressed up instead.

Gone are the hours I have scoured eBay for my drop-waist, beaded, deco dress with matching hat.  Gone are the planned trips to my city’s most awesome vintage stores.  Gone are my plans to get my hair done in finger waves.  All for another day, I suppose.

"Great Gatsby" with Robert Redford & Mia Farrow

But I did get some good news!  My husband’s post-holiday party is cocktail attire this year.  This makes this mom, normally in black yoga pants every day, very happy.  Another reason to shop, of course!  And, as usual, I already have visions of the perfect dress, shoes and jewelry in my head…

“To Do List” reads, “Must learn to sew!”

Travel Bug

We had some unexpected guests this past weekend.  We had them for dinner on Saturday night and received offers to visit them in their home countries someday.  Someday to me means, “let’s get something on the calendar.”

We are in no way able to make those kind of travel arrangements, at this time.  My husband will be starting a new job in less than two weeks and my children are still young and squirmy; possibly too squirmy for a full 24 hours of travel.

It is fun to look at maps and book virtual flights.  I’m hoping that someday soon, we will be able to visit our new international friends on their home turf as I’ve never been to Belgium, Holland, Spain or Italy but now we have extra incentive to want to go…