So Much to Say….

Sooo, it’s been a week… a very long week.  My DH wrapped up one job and started another.  Mid-week,  we did yard work, paid bills, took the kids to the parks and the zoo.  We also took a very short 24-hour hiatus in Kansas City to shop, dine, work out and sleep sans children over the weekend.

It was a great week and today we are back to our new reality.  Daddy going to work at an office instead of what will soon be known as, our new “sun room!”

Grant turned 11 months today and we are already getting ready for his 1st Birthday Bash.  I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since my little “Super G” showed up 9 weeks early.  He’s so healthy and strong and sweet.  He smiles all the time and is such a good boy!

Fit Minded Book Club meeting number 2 was tonight.  Still loving it and finding it amazing how much people open up to total strangers when you feel like you’re all going through something similar.  I guess that is the “Relate” part of this process…. Read “Change or Die” if you’d like more on that.  It’s a fantastic book on making changes… personally, professionally, etc.

I have much more reading to do so will sign off and will try to be more regular about posting.