Daily Covet: Burberry Duffle Coat

I’ve had all kinds of coats.

Pea coats, shawl-collared dress coats, ski jackets, leather moto jackets and more.

But I have yet to add a toggle coat to my list.

And this Burberry coat is the perfect coat in that category.  Black with the Burberry Brit check (brown), which means it’s a total staple.  It’s long enough to wear with a short skirt or dress, but short enough to be a casual coat.

And since this SAHM rarely has to be anywhere dressed up – it’s an everyday dream coat for me!


Daily Covet: Burberry Berkeley Crossbody Bag

A crossbody bag, the perfect accessory for spring.

While I love big handbags, I’m really not one for filling them up.

That’s why this Burberry Berkeley Crossbody Bag is perfect for a girl like me.  If I were to be honest, I regularly carry my wallet, lip gloss and my phone.  While I may have other stuff in my bag, it’s not stuff I use often.

I can totally see this bag being the perfect size for a concert, the Summer Arts Fair, date night or dinner with my girlfriends.

Pair it with an eyelet sundress or white jeans and a flowy top, and it’s the perfect carry-most!


Daily Covet: Vince Camuto T-Strap Sandals


Is it here yet?

Is it here yet?

I’m ready for sandal weather.  I want to get my pedi on and show it off with pretty open-toed shoes and sandals.

I also want to wear these Vince Camuto Tezer Tortoise Sandals that I just ordered.  You would not believe the deal I got on them.  And what’s more?  How I actually got them for free – shipping included!

Months back, I ordered a beautiful Burberry watch for my husband.  This particular retailer sent me an empty box.  There was a little back and forth that went on.  To make it up to me, they sent me a $50 gift card via email.  Now that’s customer service!

I’ve been holding onto that certificate thinking that I’d try to order something fabulous and a little indulgent.  So when I found these fun “dancing with the stars” shoes, which will go with just about anything, I had to spring for them.

They should be arriving any day now!


Daily Covet: Burberry Rugby-Striped Sandals

More sandals?

I know, I know, more sandals….

But as I mentioned, footwear will be big for me this summer.  And that definitely includes safe, yet sexy platform and wedge sandals.

After all, I’m going to be a little top heavy.

Today, my fave sandals are these Burberry Rugby Striped Sandals from Zappos Couture.  And while I realize they are a little pricey, when will any Burberry print not be in style?

Right.  Never.


Daily Covet: Burberry Brit Check Dress

Burberry always reminds me of fall and winter dressing.

And this Burberry check dress is no different.  I love the slim shape.  I love the epaulets.  I love the subtle Burberry check.

Knee high boots or tights, it’s perfect for almost any occasion!

Unnamed shopping event…

Ok, so that’s not a very exciting title and sadly, I haven’t thought of anything clever yet either.

With that said, here’s a new little twist for LittleBlackSweats.com.  Regularly, people shoot me a quick email or call me up and say, “I need something for….” Insert person, place or event.  And I always try to find the right thing for said person, place or event either by knowing said person – personally.  Or by getting a few key details about their lifestyle, personal style or personality.  My thoughts were that maybe, just maybe, you’ll have a tricky gift situation and one of these fun ideas might work for you too!

Today was kind of a tricky one.

My husband told me recently how they will be picking out their top 10 clients and will begin doing nice, personal things for them.  (Business 101 here too!)  An account manager that works for my husband emailed me with this little tidbit this afternoon:

Amy –

I am very sorry to bother you at home, but “DH” said you are the perfect person to assist with a shopping task.  I have a customer that is 25 and a very metro sexual type.  He loves the color white and wears bow ties and diamond studs.  If you have any ideas on what would be a great little personal gift for around $50.00 I need all the help I can get.

Hmmm, this could be a tough one.  My first instincts were that this is a guy, who would love expensive accessories to wear in a flashy way.  Burberry belts, TAG Heuer watches… you get the idea.  But the $50 limit posed a problem, as both of those things are well over the limit.  After about 10 minutes of trolling the Internet for interesting men’s accessorries, I found these personalized collar stays at Red Envelope – one of my faves for unique gifts.

My idea was to personalize them with inspirational personal and/or professional quotes, which he will be able to read every time he gets dressed for another successful day.  The idea was a big hit!

And oh! they have them specifically for dads too.  You know dad’s day is right around the corner, right?!

Espadrilles, this summer’s must-have shoe

When I was in college, espadrilles were HUGE, as they were several times before in 20th century fashion trends.

I had a few pairs by Andre Assous, one of which was an olive and white checked pair that I adored.  As in many cases, I donated them or gave them away or something…. and am kicking myself now.

About seven years ago, I purchased another wedge pair in turquoise satin with bright turqoise ribbons to wrap around my ankles.  And I did hold on to those, and probably always will.

But if you were like me, and got rid of all your espadrilles… or you need to try some out for the first time, you’ll find no shortage of options.  And in no shortage of heel heights too!

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Wine – No cheese party

The color for fall is anything in the red wine category.  Lucky for us winos, right?

Also lucky… it’s almost everywhere you look.  Les Pommettes, Neiman Marcus, J. Crew and more are featuring beautiful hues, fabrics and details that will make wine fun – even without the cheese!

Here are some of my favorite garments, shoes and accessories, perfect for fall and right into the holiday season.

Clockwise from Left: Crystal bar ID bracelet $50.00, J.Crew $50; Red Penny Loafer, toryburch.com $250; Burberry London Silky Velvet Puffer Jacket, Neiman Marcus $1095; Kanupriya Coral Ring, LesPommettes.com $145; Peach Corset-Toe Platform, Blood Red, Lastcall.com $114.50; Prada Tessuto Gaufre Nylon Tote, Neiman Marcus $1295; Gurhan Ruby Wire Earrings, Neiman Marcus $ 5420