Watch for Turquoise

If you’ve read this blog for even a minute, you know that I seriously love timepieces.  And this one by Sasha Rhett has to be one of my faves!

The double-wrap strap in turqoise ostrich is to die for, and I love how it looks against a soft, gold case.  The bright white face makes it easy to read.  What a great spring/summer accessory!


Get dressed with Chevron

Navy and white are always big for early spring collections, but this is the first year I can remember it being this BIG.  It’s still in a lot of stores, and Anthropologie is not exception.  I love this easy-to-wear Endpoint Dress with convenient pockets and a unique neckline.

I’d definitely like to add it to my summer dress repertoire!

Daily Covet: Planters that make me want to flower shop

Check out this gorgeous planter I found on Joss&  It makes me want to flower shop.  I’ve put lots of ground cover in this spring already, but am waiting a little bit longer to plant flowers.  I’m seeing hot pink geraniums with ornamental grasses shooting out the middle of these beautiful planters.  I also love the hint of blue in the pottery itself.

Daily Covet: Speaking of white… handbags

I started getting emails from Tuesday Morning because I do a lot of shopping there for home décor-y type stuff.  And much to my surprise, they are having a BIG sale on some really great Bodhi bags — and they are white!  Well, some of them are – my favorites are anyway.

Here are they are at a savings of about 75% off!  How can we can pass these up, right?!

The perfect white jean

White jeans and pants can be hard to wear.  This morning, I tried on the most fabulous white capri jeans on a whim.  I already have some cute, white jeans and decided I didn’t need another pair, but these are truly perfect… why?  So glad you asked!

Fabric.  You want the fabric to be light enough for spring/summer wear, but heavy enough that you don’t see every  little freckle (or dimple, in my case!) on your backside.  These Mossimo jeans are just the perfect weight.

Sizing.  I always suggest going up a size when it comes to white pants.  These run true to size, and don’t seem to warrant a jump.  That, in and of itself is a major win, right?  They also have a nice rise for those of us, who are out of the low rise phase of our lives…

Stretch.  And for those days when your true size isn’t quite your true size, there is a nice bit of stretch that will give you a little extra room after a second helping of chocolate cake.  The stretch helps these cute jeans keep their shape too.

Price.  They are $24.99.  Hey, I’m all for designer jeans.  I will usually spend a pretty penny on nice jeans that are a staple in this mom’s wardrobe.  However, white jeans don’t have a very long season here in the midwest, and for that reason alone, these are a much smarter buy.

The bonus.  They fit like designer jeans.

So there you have it.

The downside?  They are sold out online.  Pick them up in your local Target store though, and I assure you, you will fall madly in love with them instantly!

Daily Covet: Get your hands on Marc Jacobs handbags

Leave it to to offer another amazing collection of designer pieces at great prices (although still top designer prices).  Today, they have a slew of Marc Jacobs handbags in many colors, styles and fabrics.

Here are my faves…