Daily Covet: LOFT and the Riviera… and a birthday wish

I’m super excited to pick up some super adorbs shorts this summer!

And these Riviera shorts from LOFT are at the top of my list. I love LOFT because it’s so affordable – why pay full price when everything is on sale all the time?

Truth be told, I’d love to have virtually all of them! So maybe I can at least pick up a few of my faves!




I would also like to give a shout out to my “Mr. Middle” son, who showed up nine weeks early six years ago. Today he is as big, healthy, strong and perfect as ever. Happy Birthday Super G!


Daily Covet: Mini Mason Jar Sippers

Summer weather has finally started to rear it’s head around here.

That means backyard BBQ’ing and outdoor parties will soon become a reality – especially as we make our way toward my four-year-old’s birthday in early June and my own – GASP – 40th in July!

These mini Mason Jar sippers immediately caught my eye and made me long for the lazy days of summer and pink lemonade.  I picture a gaggle of sweaty 4-year-olds walking around sipping from cute red and white straws.

But who’s to say that these cute little jars wouldn’t make great high ball glasses filled with hard lemonade for the older set?

So many possibilities!



Daily Covet: Black Lace & Ladylike

Anthropologie’s Luella Dress.  This is quite possibly one of the most beautiful and ladylike black dresses I have ever come across.  And the price is surprisingly low for something that has so many aspects of fine tailoring.

You’ll notice the scalloped edges at both the sleeves and the hem, the sheer back, the skirt’s slight flare.  Wear it to an evening wedding, your big birthday bash, to dinner with your honey or to receive an award for “bessed dressed!”  It’s shows just the right amount of skin to be sexy, but still has a conservative, antique-y look about it.

It’s timeless and feminine and I think I NEED it!