Daily Covet: Tod’s handbag

Tod’s handbags are featured on MyHabit.com today.

And since I am bag-obssessed this week, you can bet I’ve already picked absolutely the most delish bag.

This white handbag with the khaki accents is a perfect bag for summer, and since global warming climate change has taken over this year, it may be pratical a lot longer than normal.

It would be an excellent carry-all for a busy mom.  And it’s also a great size for car trips or air travel too.  So, it’s not only a beautiful bag, but a smart bag too!

Bowling anyone? Classic handbag shapes….

The Tod’s bowler.  Classic enough style, right?

But in lemon yellow faux satin (nylon)?

Again with the yellow bags for me.  But I love yellow.  It makes me want to be outside, soaking up sun, and trotting all over the city doing fun things with my kiddos.

And the bag is definitely mom-friendly and roomy for all the necessities this mom-on-the-go needs.  The price?  Well… not so much in the mom-friendly department.

Daily Covet: Tod’s in my dreams

Every spring I start jonesing for a white, cream or natural colored bag to tote around all my necessities.  And who are we kidding? More importantly to show off a new handbag.

My morning browse has left me wanting something that’s way out of my league.  It’s either this Tod’s vintage bag or a year of tuition at a pricey private school for one of my kids.  I quickly remind myself that my kids aren’t in school yet (well, preschool doesn’t count), and yet, this is still out of my stay-at-home-mom budget by a long shot.

But as I’ve reminded you all several times, this blog is even for the most outrageous covets.  It’s the next best thing to owning it outright.  Or renting it for special occasions. Ok well, it’ll just have to do…

Tod's Alligator Shoulder Bag, Protero Luxury $10,349