Daily Covet: On thin ice

Riedell Ice skates 117 Red Ribbon Womens, skates.com sale $112

Our family has taken up ice skating lately.  This afternoon, we went with some friends from my son’s preschool for another spin around the ice, and got talked into buying a season pass to the outdoor rink.  True to form, the rental skates sucked and hurt my feet.

It was just like when I took up skiing as a kid, and had the hardest time finding boots to fit and be comfortable.

So here I am, not 4 hours after purchasing our season skating pass, coveting my own pretty, white figure skates.  They are pretty inexpensive these days.  You can get a recreational pair for as little at $39.99.  These particular skates are a little more expensive, but I figured my chances of actually finding a cheaper pair to be comfortable enough would be slim to none.

I think these would be sufficient for practicing my triple toe loops, don’t you?!


Daily Covet: Ok, so back to Vermont…

I did a post not too long ago about coveting a short, weekend vacation to an adorable B&B in Vermont (read more here.)  I am now expanding my covet to actually having my own vacation home there, complete with guest quarters for all my friends that want to visit!

And as an aside, since I gave up skiing and would like to possibly take up snow boarding, this would be a fantastic place to do it… See, isn’t that the cool thing about having a blog that doesn’t restrict your desires to what you can actually afford?

Every year, I enter the HGTV dream home sweepstakes and this year will be no different.  Just check out this house!

HGTV Vermont Dream Home, 2011

And if you enter and win, plan on inviting me because I’ll be at your door step, even if you don’t!