Daily Covet: 10 Items I wish Crewcuts made for J. Crew women

I just received a couple of catalogs from one of my favorite stores, J. Crew.  I’m sure you’ve guessed this by now, as I feature them frequently.

But one thing bums me out.  There are some really cute things in the Crewcuts catalog (children’s line for those of you not from this planet) that I would love to have in regular women’s sizes.

In fact, there are 10 things off-hand that I would kill to own (well, maybe mame) in my own size.  And they are as follows:

Girls' jaspé zip cardigan, jcrew.com $55

Girls' pep squad skirt in stripe $40

Girls' patch-pocket skort, jcrew.com $45

Girls' side-zip café capri in apple bobbing, jcrew.com $68

Girls' pretty kitty cardigan, jcrew.com $70

Girls' heathered tumble skirt, jcrew.com $44

Girls' wafer terry colorblock dress, jcrew.com $50

Girls' chino ruffle jacket, jcrew.com $70

Girls' Mila engineer-stripe ballet flats, jcrew.com $55

Girls' mini-ruffle dress in ikat, jcrew.com $72

Look book from a favorite….

LesPommettes is eye candy for the fashionista.  I love visiting this site a couple times each week because they have such unique pieces, both apparel and accessories.  The jewelry is amazing, and the look book is always inspiring.

Here are a few more laid back looks for summer.  Lace, linen, stripes and girly hemlines are just a few of the fun details I look for in clothing… especially summer clothing! (All images from Lespommettes.com)

Daily Covet: Bolder Shorts

It was just shy of 70 degrees here in Middle America yesterday.  That’s truly bizzarre for the second to the last day of January.  And true to form, there was no bigger news than that, which is why the news crews were out in full force yeserday, interviewing every mom and child duo on the playground.  And yes, we got our turn in the spotlight… yours truly, and my handsome half-pints too, got to be on the evening news.  But I digress.

I blame this phenom however, for putting me in the mood to shop shorts.  Most years, I sport my J.Crew, Gap and Banana Republic versions in very few brights, mostly neutrals.  This year, it’d be a shame to let some of the hot colors and modern styles go by the wayside, for my plain old khaki flat fronts.  Let’s take a look at some kickier options:

Nanette Lepore Embellished Silk Shorts, Neiman Marcus $328

Nanette Lepore Rebel Striped Shorts, Neiman Marcus $228

Fête short in gardenshade floral, J. Crew $278

Emma Cook Leather shorts, net-a-porter.com $530

Missoni Alida crochet-knit shorts, net-a-porter.com $1,285

Stella McCartney Deckchair-striped cotton and silk-blend shorts, net-a-porter.com $825

Haltson Heritage Paillette-embellished shorts, net-a-porter.com $325

Daily Covet: Long and Shorts of it…

The long story is that years ago, I bought this adorable black sequin mini skirt… really before sequins became a wear everyday, everywhere embellishment.  I bought it a size larger than normal because I wanted it to hang a little lower since it was a mini after all, and I was in my early 30’s after all.

Sadly, it ran very small and so it never really fit well.  But I couldn’t part with it.

Fast forward to last week, I tried it on with jet black opague tights and amazing jewelry and Voila!  My Annual Girls’ Night Out Holiday Ornament Exchange outfit.

Until this week, when it’s just days from “that time of the month,” and I feel awful in the outfit that I thought I looked really good in only days ago…. apparently being really excited about an outfit adds 10 lbs.

So the short of it, you ask?  By all means… see below.  I love everything about these, they would still look great with tights, I would actually order the right size (maybe even a back-up size) and I’d be set… if they could be here by 7pm tomorrow (Saturday)!

Annnndddd, if I had $265 to spend on sequined, laced and pearl’d hot pants that I’d probably, in all reality, wear once.

Shakuhachi High Waisted Shorts, Les Pommettes $265