Daily Covet: Vince Camuto T-Strap Sandals


Is it here yet?

Is it here yet?

I’m ready for sandal weather.  I want to get my pedi on and show it off with pretty open-toed shoes and sandals.

I also want to wear these Vince Camuto Tezer Tortoise Sandals that I just ordered.  You would not believe the deal I got on them.  And what’s more?  How I actually got them for free – shipping included!

Months back, I ordered a beautiful Burberry watch for my husband.  This particular retailer sent me an empty box.  There was a little back and forth that went on.  To make it up to me, they sent me a $50 gift card via email.  Now that’s customer service!

I’ve been holding onto that certificate thinking that I’d try to order something fabulous and a little indulgent.  So when I found these fun “dancing with the stars” shoes, which will go with just about anything, I had to spring for them.

They should be arriving any day now!


Daily Covet: Burberry Rugby-Striped Sandals

More sandals?

I know, I know, more sandals….

But as I mentioned, footwear will be big for me this summer.  And that definitely includes safe, yet sexy platform and wedge sandals.

After all, I’m going to be a little top heavy.

Today, my fave sandals are these Burberry Rugby Striped Sandals from Zappos Couture.  And while I realize they are a little pricey, when will any Burberry print not be in style?

Right.  Never.


Daily Covet: Havaianas x 2

I need flip flops.

Never did I think I’d utter those words.  Or need to utter those words anyway.

I love these gold-ish Havaianas FIT with the cute back-strap, and have wanted them all spring and summer.  I have just never gone looking for them.

So I went to Havaianas.com last night to see if they were there.

And they were!  But so were these little beauties…. the Origine Ballerina Espadrille.  Leave it to me, to go in wanting one thing…. and leave with two…or three….or four.

The all-occasion flip-flop from Tory Burch

I wear flip flops all summer, with everything from dresses to jeans to shorts.  My current flip flops are looking pretty ratty, and so it’s time to replace.  

I realize these are pretty pricey flip-flops, but look at the comfy padded footbeds and the cute, gold logo.  I can totally picture these with khaki shorts or an LBD (little black dress) and straw tote.  


Daily Covet: Comfortable sandles, cuter than flip flops

Slide sandals have come back.  Not that they were ever totally gone, but I had the most fabulous pair about 12 years ago.  A butter, soft black leather pair with a bit of a platform heel.  I loved those sandals.

But like any good pair of slides you’ve ever owned, you wear them enough and they start to fall apart at the seams.  Literally.  The top started separating from the bottom.  (This was prior to my understanding of cobblers.)

So check these out.  They are a cross between the casual flip flop and sky-high, hot date sandals.  And they even tie in that espadrille thing we were discussing the other day.  (Here, if you missed it!)  Great choice of colors, nice designer brand, and even better… nice price!

Daily Covet: Retro-ish Louboutins

Three reasons why I love these shoes.  And need them.  Ok, just want them.

#1.  They have crystal heels.  Red crystals.  White Crystals.  What’s not to love?

#2.  They are Louboutins.  If you still aren’t sure what that means, you might have the wrong blog.  Just kidding… come back!

#3  They vaguely remind me of one of my most favorite circa 1999 sandals, and the fact that the heel is almost identical (save the crystals) means that lots of my shoes are coming back.  Yay!  (wait, does that mean I can’t get more?)



Finally, Function Meets Form in Sandals

Finally, sandals that are comfortable AND beautiful!

Here I am on the tail end of my 30’s (cough, cough) and it’s been eight whole years since I have daily, worn fabulous 4″ heels to work, while trotting around San Francisco’s financial district.

Where has the time gone?  And more importantly, where has my ability to wear beautiful shoes with leg-lengthening heels for extended periods of time gone?  I guess the old adage “use it, or lose it” applies rather well in this case.

So today, when I was lured in by an email from Piperlime.com to check out their sandal collection, I couldn’t resist.  Much to my surprise, brands like Sofft and Kork-Ease actually make really fashion-forward shoes these days!

Here are some of my picks:

Kork-Ease Sarah Regular Price, piperlime.com $165

YOU by Crocs Thrilita, piperlime.com $130

Indigo by Clarks Luna Comet, piperlime $110

Sofft Palaiseau, piperlime.com $115