Where are your family values now?

Blog friends,

I know this is supposed to be a fashion and lifestyle blog, and 99.9% of the time, it is. But I’m still reeling from the Presidential election, if you want to know the truth.

I’ll warn you right now that this is going to get political – read it or delete it – but know that I am saddened, scared, embarrassed and humiliated by the fact that a buffoon is going to occupy the Oval Office.

On Election Day, I watched outspoken and conservative political activist, Ana Navarro on The View. I can’t say I agree with her politics most of the time, but her disdain for the then-candidate for the Republican Party was definitely in line with my own political views.

Navarro expressed concern for the depths at which our country sunk over the election. She went on to say that she was a Republican when Donald Trump was a Democrat; she was a Republican when Donald Trump was an Independent, and she’s a Republican today. She said that Donald Trump does not represent the Republican Party that she knows and loves. She also stated that she supports the values of strong faith, family unity and inclusiveness that Conservatives stand for.

I applaud her for sticking to her guns and not falling in lockstep with other Republicans, who have supported and will continue to support Donald Trump’s twisted Presidency simply because today he says he’s a Republican.

I do, however, take issue with the fact that she thinks conservatives own the market on values of strong faith, family unity and inclusiveness.

Conservatives have done an excellent job of painting Progressives into a Godless- ivory tower-free love-angry-feminist-anything goes corner. And If this election has taught me anything, it’s that the conservative rhetoric about family unity and “family values” is just that. Just talk. I say this because hate, bigotry, sexual assault, misogyny, sexism and hypocrisy are not examples of family values, inclusiveness or strong faith, but it sure as hell just won the White House.

By putting Donald Trump in the White House, the electorate and nearly half the citizens of the United States who voted have said all of those qualities are acceptable. And not only are they acceptable, they are qualities that are tolerated in the next leader of the free world. Sadly, we hold higher standards for our morning T.V. hosts than we do for the Oval Office.

I sat at a table with five successful and upstanding women citizens of my community on Friday afternoon. I am fortunate enough to call them dear friends. They are strong and professional women, who have advanced degrees, who raise families, who serve on boards for organizations that help those less fortunate, care for stray animals or advance women’s rights. These are women who volunteer their time as Girl Scout leaders, teach Sunday school, head up the PTO and attend church services regularly.

We talk of raising our children as citizens of the world, who have been allowed only to borrow this planet with the hope that they use their talents to do inspiring work, encourage tolerance and spread goodwill among ALL men, not just the ones that look like us and worship the same way.

And guess what? None of us are conservatives or Republicans, yet we still have family unity, our own family values and insist on inclusiveness. Whatever faith we hold dear, it allows us to be accepting of people who find spiritual comfort and strength in something different.

What are family values exactly anyway? The Webster’s Dictionary definition of family values is: values held to be traditionally learned or reinforced within a family, such as those of high moral standards and discipline.

So how does “within a family” apply to an entire party of people and not another?

It’s the hypocrisy that makes me question the true adherence to the notions of “family values,” “a strong faith” and “inclusiveness.”

In my opinion, going to church every Sunday does not make you righteous or prove you possess strong faith.

Withholding medical care for women does not make you pro-life; especially if you support the state’s right to put people to death.

Denying LGBTQ people the same Constitutional Rights because it isn’t “morally” acceptable is not inclusiveness. Religious moral beliefs are not how we legislate in this country thanks to our founding fathers, who specifically set it up that way.

Wearing all your flag pins at once and carrying a copy of the Constitution in your pocket does not make you a patriot. Your party won’t hold hearings to confirm the sitting President’s Supreme Court nomination as permitted to him under Article 2 of that Constitution you hold so dear.

Denying immigrants who are fleeing rape, murder, slavery and starvation in war-torn nations a safe place in our society is not inclusiveness, nor is it humane (Especially after they’ve endured 18-24 months of exhaustive vetting by six governmental agencies.)

Spending billions on war sold to the American people with erroneous intelligence instead of spending on education, veterans benefits and embassy security personnel is not “fiscal conservatism,” it’s criminal.

So the next time some Trump-ster implies that their party cornered the market on strong faith, family values and inclusiveness or patriotism and fiscal conservatism, I’d like to remind them that just saying it, and saying it loud doesn’t mean it’s true.

And if you are trolling this blog, go ahead and comment. You’ll only provide confirmation of the aforementioned for the rest of us.





Daily De-Covet

Yep, it’s happened.  Write down the day, the day that will live in infamy.  The day that I, Amy Grace, am not coveting anything.  Not anything in particular, anyway.  As hard as I have tried today, and as many websites as I scoured while waiting for my car hatch latch to be fixed, I could not find a single thing worth posting.

So, my loyal followers, I will give you the top 10 things I do not covet today instead.  Try to control your excitement!

Cry Baby...

10.  The Iowa Caucus finished up last night, and since I am a neighbor to Iowa, I seem to get more than my fair share of political calls at inopportune times (read ALWAYS!) I do not covet these.

9.  It’s 48 degrees right now in Middle America, and my Mac’s weather icon says we should be expecting almost 60 tomorrow.  It’s been like this for several weeks, and it looks like it may continue into the beginning of the next one.  It will end sometime, and we will be repaid handsomely with snow, ice and treachery soon.  I do not covet these.

8.  I have work to do.  My virtual boss (she’s real, but we’ve only met once in person.  And she lives 10 hours away.) sent me a copywriting assignment with plenty of categories to complete.  I do not covet these.

7.  We generally eat 3 meals and 1 snack at our house.  Coming up with something to make for 3 meals per day, 7 days per week is awful for me.  I would rather jam a sharpened pencil into my palm.  I do not covet these.

6.  I gave up shaving my legs last fall, and started waxing instead.  It’s great that the hair grows in slower and softer each time, but sucks that you have to wait for it to get long enough to be ripped out again.  They are especially unsightly when I have to wear workout pants that only go to my knees.  I do not covet these hairs.

5.  I took another close look at the tile that is my kitchen counter top.  It’s awful.  No matter how much I scrub, dig and bleach, the grout is dingy and dirty.  It doesn’t help that I live with 3 children (ok 2, but my husband doesn’t wipe up spills either.)  And who’s brilliant idea was it anyway, to use tile and grout for a counter top?  I do not covet these.

4., 3.  Sadly, I was not blessed with a lithe little body or the Hollywood metabolism that keeps starlets thin without even trying… ahem, right!…so there are at least 4 days per week, when I must drag my butt to a Body Blast class, Zumba or to run rat-like on an annoying cardio machine.  I do not covet these days.  Or these machines.

2.  My husband bought me new, super cute Uggs for Christmas.  (Yes, the ones on my daily covet!)  They were too big.  So I reordered from Ugg.com, and they sent me a new “pair” in my size, yet one boot was significantly larger than the other.  I do not covet boots in different sizes.

1.  And last, but definitely not least, I have had a knot in my shoulder for weeks now.  I’m pretty sure it’s from excessive typing in a non-ergonomic fashion.  As I type, it’s zinging me with sharp pin-like pains, while simultaneously maintaining the ever-present dull ache.  I do not covet this.

There you have it!  You don’t even have to stay up late to watch Letterman tonight… you can get your top 10 and all my complaining in one sitting.  Thanks for hanging in there with me!