Daily Covet: Bright Ideas

Lamps.  I love them, but have a hard time committing to them, for some reason.  I would really like some new lamps for my living room (along with tons of other stuff for my living room), but I just can’t seem to figure out which way to go with them.

I found these gorgeous Holyoke Trophy Lamps, which scream out for Hollywood glam white sofas and mirrored furniture … neither of which I own.

But they do kind of make me want to start over…

Daily Covet: Cutest Robes EVER!

Hi bloggy friends.  I ran across these adorable robes this morning and had to stop myself from ordering one in every color.

How cute are these in vegetable-dyed, lightweight organic cotton fabrics from Malabar Bay?  And how inexpensive?

… makes me want to never get dressed.  Yum.