Daily Covet: White tunic & my favorite blue espadrilles

I bought these turquoise espadrilles too many years ago to count.

And they are still my absolute favorites.

Nine West Satin Espadrilles [Circa 2003], similar here.

Sadly though, I NEVER wear them.  Well, I wear them rarely… like once a year.

So, today I’m on the hunt for a loose, flowy, white dress that is the perfect length to show off my summer tan and my fabulous satin espadrille wedges.

I think ShopBop’s Alice & Olivia pintuck dress topped off with the earrings my husband got me for our anniversary oughtta do it, don’t you?


Omaha Fashion Week

A very overdue post this is about Omaha Fashion Week, but one of the few times I actually took a pic of myself in my event “get up.”

And sadly, the awful photo was taken by me, awkwardly using my cell camera and a full length mirror.  You get the idea, right?

Michael Kors linen peplum jacket (old), White House Black Market Tank; Mossimo Belt, Target; Vintage navy organza knife pleat skirt; Nine West cage booties (old).

So, my thoughts on Omaha’s fashion week.  It’s been moved to a new venue, KANEKO, and the production was awesome.  It has  become the largest regional fashion week production in the States, drawing talent from all over the midwest.

I saw children’s collections by Hollie Hannish and Yolanda Diaz, and women’s collections by Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Olajide Cooper for Kotero, Leah Casper and Angela Balderston.

Much of the show seemed very costume-y.  And rightly so, as Leah Casper actually worked in costumes for the Metropolitan Opera in New York City.  However, Yolanda Diaz’s take on children’s clothing was downright “Suess-like” in flimsy jersey, and definitely something you would (and should) only see on stage.

Olajide Cooper is an artist, poet, sign language and Spanish teacher, and much more.  Her show was much like theater, in that the models not only walked the runway – I use this term loosely as they were walking on varying heights of blocks tied to their feet at an almost standstill speed – they also portrayed different emotions she was trying to embody with her collection.

The fabrics and textures were colorful and interesting, as was her decision to paint both her African-American and caucasion models in crayola black.  In addition, they had some ethereal face painting with glitter that I enjoyed in a weird way.

I found much of what went down the runway hard to wear, with the exception of Elizabeth Fitzgerald’s Kate Blue collection and Hollie Hannish’s children’s collection.

At the end of the day, I love that my little midwestern city has jumped head first into another segment of what is usually a larger city’s cultural claim.  I’ve become a big fan, if not of everything that went down the runway, of the event and the purpose.

You can bet I’ll be returning in August for the Spring show.

post-work Christmas party

post-work Christmas party

Polka dot blouse, £14
McQ by Alexander McQueen tweed blazer, £534
Moschino Cheap & Chic cropped pants, $409
Nine west pumps, $80
Hermes clutch handbag, $5,450
Coralia Leets silver teardrop earrings, $193
Gucci black belt, €249

Daily Covet: Cork is for wine bottles

Some of you might remember that I have been searching furiously for a pair of black sandals to replace my once favorite sandals that walked a million miles with me.

Well, I thought I had found them and was so excited… then a little disappointed… then a lot disappointed… so much so, that I am sending them back.  I won’t go into a long list of details about the deterioration of what I thought was going to be the perfect pair of sandals but let’s just say, I’m surprised anyone would want to put their label on something so cheap and shotty!

Nine West "Saffia", Piperlime.com sale $69.99

As you can see, the culprits are awfully adorable and I wore them often for several weeks.  They were the perfect length for my longer jeans, flow-y linen pants (yep, finally got ’em!) and looked really cute with sundresses too.  But little by little, I started to peel back the layers – literally – so off they go to Piperlime.com‘s “Return Heaven.”

So after returning from a trip that sealed their fate, I have again tracked down a pair of black sandals with a wedge heel, ankle strap and small platform.  You wouldn’t think this such an incredibly difficult task.  However, try to find a pair of sandals these days that don’t include cork or raffia heels.

Go on, I dare you…

charles by Charles David "Tickler", Zappos.com $90

I have just checked tracking information and it seems these adorable little gems are “out for delivery” as I type this post.  Thanks to Zappos.com and a friend with a “preferred status”, they are arriving today.  I have always been a fan of Charles David shoes and have been wearing them for 20 years.  In fact, they were once “higher end” but I think the company sold out and now they are called “charles by Charles David.”  Not as swanky but the comfort factor remains, which is all I really care about.

So, cross your fingers and keep your eyes out for a follow-up of pure jubilation… or possibly utter disgust.  Let’s hope not.