Daily Covet: Tailored Dress

Having three little boys at home does wonders for your social life… and not in a good way. My husband and I no longer make big plans for NYE, but instead, stay home and play games or watch movies with our brood. Most years, I’m lucky to be up when the clock strikes midnight.

But if I were heading out to overindulge on delicious cocktails or mouth-watering steak frites with bernaise sauce – or more likely all of the above, a new dress I would surely need.

This tailored dress from & Other Stories would be perfect. While it’s not overtly sexy and it’s not covered in sequins like typical NYE ensembles, it wreaks of sophistication and reminds me a little bit of Sally Albright’s dress from the mother of all NYE parties in Harry Met Sally (a party of such proportions that it only happens in the movies!)

I adore the full skirt, the deep v-neck and of course, the stunning emerald color. How could you go wrong?


Daily Covet: Scene It and not heard

We had a low key dinner party with friends on New Year’s Eve.  It included our small children and their’s, as well.  Once we got our children to bed, we sat down to play the Xbox version of Scene It.  It was SO FUN!

My husband and I are pretty well versed in movies and we thought we’d do pretty well but we got spanked by the youngest of the bunch, until the very end.  “Field of Dreams” was the last movie and that’s where you rack up the most points.  My husband came back and won!

I found it odd though that we weren’t even speaking through much of the game.  We were all so preoccupied with trying to read and answer the questions that we weren’t even being social… and sadly, our second game got cut short by our 18MO that got sick.  So we had to take him home before the ball even dropped.  But now our interest is piqued and we are dying for a rematch!

Scene It for Xbox, Amazon.com $25