Perfect LBJ…little black jacket

Joyous’ stylist featured this adorable little black jacket  from BCBG this week.

This really is a “wear with everything” kind of jacket that you could literally keep FOR-EH-VER, if you are so inclined.

It looks great with flowy skirts, skinny jeans and high-waisted pants.  And I would probably also layer over an LBD with tons of necklaces in different lengths, for an entire little black look.

See for yourself, how trés chic and trés French this piece can really be, in the video from

Daily Covet: All that glitters is Swarovski sent me my daily email of all their sales.  I usually make a quick run through on things I’m interested in, and a few pieces caught my eye this morning.

I love Swarovski.  I love that they are beautiful and affordable.  And I love that they regularly partner with other brands to produce one-of-a-kind pieces.  But today, I love these three pieces the most.  Simple, classic and a chance to wear some bling.

Swarovski Gold & Crystal Coin Pendant Necklace, $93Swarovski Faceted Red Cushion Cut Crystal Ring, $64


Swarovski Green Crystal Y-Drop Necklace, $38


Swarovski Faceted Red Cushion Cut Crystal Ring, $64

Daily Covet: Turqoise Gold Four Leaf Necklace

This turquoise necklace can’t really count as a covet because I already bought it.  And I have to tell you that I have not taken it off since.  It’s one of my most favorite posessions, and I can’t wait until Spring rolls around when I stop wearing turtlenecks and 1/2 zip fleeces so that I can actually show it off.

Turquoise Clover Necklace (gold), Jennijewel on $33

I was admiring it in the mirror again this morning, and thinking about how it reminds me of the highly sought-after Van Cleef and Arpels clover.  Not only did she make this amazing necklace, she also did some look-alike earrings from Anthropologie that I couldn’t track down.

Take a look at her Etsy store, and find something great for yourself!

Also, you would not believe the price of this adorable piece… $33.  That’s it!



Daily Covet: Luck be a Lady

I love this picture that I found on Pinterest.  It reminds me that Mad Men is coming, and that I go ga-ga for the style on that show.  And luckily the clothing makers have followed suit!  Oh!  How I would love to be the lucky lady, who has this skirt…

Daily Covet: These Bubbles Aren’t For Kids

I’ve been buying fun, costume-y jewelry for years.  Some of it I get rid of, some of it I keep forever, and most of it – well, I never actually wear it.

But I’m turning over a new leaf.  Not a resolution really, but I’m trying to put some effort into getting dressed every morning.  I’ve always been of the opinion that if you look good, you feel good.  And I need all the feeling good I can get this winter!

I have had my eye on this necklace or a version of this necklace for a few years now.  Because of the price, and the number of times I would have actually put it on (zero), I’ve declined.  But as of today, I have successfully worn something other than my stud earrings and my wedding band, three days in a row!

What can’t you wear this with?  A strapless taffetta dress.  A white, slub t-shirt and jeans.  A cashmere twinset and pencil skirt.  A button down flannel shirt (as long as it’s a flattering cut) and a wool mini… the possibilities are endless.  And it’s such an effortless way to say, “Hey, I put some thought into getting dressed today!”

It might just be time to spend a little of my Christmas money…

Turquoise Bubble Necklace, J. Crew $150