The more they age, the more they stay the same…

My husband and I watched the movie “Wall Street,” circa ’87 in preparation for our date this weekend.  We are going to see “Money Never Sleeps.”  It floored me that the men in that movie have not aged.

Tonight, I am watching Jay Leno’s show, whatever it’s called these days… and Patrick Dempsey is plugging his new Transformers movie (sidebar, KACK!)  He hasn’t aged either.

People will say that most women in Hollywood don’t age either but I disagree.  I think they age but they are able to somehow transform them onscreen.  So I decided to make a list of Hollywood leading men that have not changed in 30+ years.

Michael Douglas.  Pre-cancer diagnosis and lack of hair dye.

Charlie Sheen.  Drug problems haven’t ruined this guy’s good looks… maybe his ability to pick good roles… Two and a Half Men but whatever.

Martin Sheen.  This guy has been cryogenically frozen and only gets out to work, I think.  He’s looked the same since “Apocalypse Now” save the mustache he donned for Top Gun but he’s a cute man and actually even made a mustache look good.

Rob Lowe.  He’s on the cover of some men’s magazine this month and all I can say is “Hubba Hubba HU-BUH.”

Tom Cruise.  With the exception of Top Gun, that guy has never looked better (save the times when his hair is longer and greasy looking) or acted worse.

Bruce Willis.  Has always been cute, got H.O.T. after the end of that miniseries with Cybil Shepherd… brain freeze… hair plugs or not, he looks good and has a fabulous body!

Bono, while not technically “Hollywood,” he is an icon.  I haven’t decided which has suffered less, his looks or his voice.  Both are still as smooth as butt-uh!

Sting.  Enough said.

This list could be a long one so I’ll stop there.  The more men I add to the list, the more depressed I become.  While I am all about aging gracefully, especially for women, I am starting to resent my darling husband for also becoming even better looking in his old age (he’ll promptly remind me he’s 18 months younger than I!)

I guess I’ll take solace in the fact that when I am a broke down old lady, I can tell people that the adorable and ageless man that lives at my house, is my “pool boy!”

Next list.  Things to do or get.  Pool.

October, 2010

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