Mad Men Countdown – 20 days

Remember Betty Draper’s blue swing coat?  It was one of the episodes where she went off to meet Mr. Francis with a black satin ribbon in her hair.  It was the most amazing and royal shade of blue, and looked equally as amazing against her porcelain complexion.

Janie Bryant even put a similar piece in her own collection for QVC, so you too, can own this little piece of luxury.



Mad Men Countdown – 22 days

What’s better than tall, dark and handsome?  Right.  Tall, dark, handsome and in aviator shades.

I love, love, love guys in Aviators, and Don Draper’s military-issued Randolph Engineering aviator shades are PRI-TEE sexy, as far as I’m concerned.  Oh, and one more thing – you can have a pair with custom frames and lenses in your choice of colors and finishes for as little as $109. Yep, less than our favorite Ray Ban “Cockpit” Aviators….

Randolph Engineering Aviators, $129

Mad Men Countdown – 24 days

Here we are 24 days from my favorite show’s return to the small screen.  I can’t wait to see what the writers, and more importantly Janie Bryant, have in store for us this season.

I can tell you one thing, the news that the premier would be two hours long almost had me in a frenzy!

But for today, we’ll have to reminisce about the amazing wardrobe featured in past seasons.  My second favorite outfit was from Betty’s stint at the stables. Check out her houndstooth hacking jacket and gorgeous knee high boots, both of which you could wear any given day this decade!

This coat is most likely a cashmere blend, and looks absolutely scrumptious to wear.

Mad Men Countdown – 25 days

It’s March 1st, and that means we only have 25 more days until the Mad Men Season 5 premier!

In honor of my absolute adoration for Mad Men, the cast and most of all, costume designer Janie Bryant, I am going to try to post as many of the gorgeous outfits as possible.

So for today, my #1 outfit of all time – my absolute fave – is Betty Draper’s black dress she wore in Rome.  Here’s a reminder…

Betty Draper in Rome, Mad Men

Daily Covet: The Teddie Dress

Ok, so it’s a J. Crew day, but I’ve been wanting to post this absolutely fabulous dress for weeks.

A friend of mine has this J. Crew Teddie Dress in black, but since I am no longer buying black and still want one – I have chosen a very hot color this year  for my covet – “Casablanca Blue!”

The possibilities for this simple and elegant number are just endless.  It’s really a 3-season dress too, which means it covers all the major holidays.

And the fact that it’s a little Mad Men “Joan Hollaway” thrills me too!

What do you think?  What’s your go-to, all-purpose dress?

Teddie Dress in Casablanca Blue, $198

Daily Covet: Luck be a Lady

I love this picture that I found on Pinterest.  It reminds me that Mad Men is coming, and that I go ga-ga for the style on that show.  And luckily the clothing makers have followed suit!  Oh!  How I would love to be the lucky lady, who has this skirt…

Daily Covet: Mad for Sunday Nights

I just got the word, Mad Men’s latest season debuts with a 2 hour premier on March 25th.  I almost hyperventilated when I got the AMC email telling me 30 seconds ago.

Jon Hamm as Mad Men's "Don Draper"

First, I cannot wait to see my favorite characters, Don Draper and Roger Sterling, seduce like one hundred women in the first episode alone… even though Don is engaged to his secretary/nanny-for-the-day.

And I’m anticipating even more great fashion from the costumer, and quite possibly the most talented woman on the planet, Janie Bryant.

Don’t count on Sunday blogs and covets starting March 25th.  I’ll be curled up on my couch watching Mad Men on the small screen for the rest of the season.  But do look for some seriously 60’s-inspired covets from me in the near future.

Or maybe I’ll just revisit some of my past favorites… we’ll just have to see!