Daily Covet: Initial Charms & Delicate Chains

I love wearing delicate chains with my kiddos names or initials on them from time to time.  Call me sentimental.

So I was particularly excited to see this deal from Lucky Magazine.  You can get a delicate chain, 1 large initial charm and 2 small initial charms for $34 at Moon & Lola! That’s half off , if you use this Lucky link and enter “luckydaily2” at checkout.  (And no, I’m not getting incentivized to say that!) 😉

What’s cooler?  You can find them in both gold and silver styles.

These initial charms hanging sweetly on dainty chains are super cute on their own or would be even better layered with other fun pendants and chains.


Daily Covet: One word. Cashmere.

Ok, I had a crisis there for a minute, and it’s been averted.  Cranberry orange relish was a hit, and was quick enough to keep me on schedule.

So back to what’s important.  Far more important than nourishment, if you ask me… Come on people, I cannot carry you through Thanksgiving with my culinary expertise! (You can stop choking on your beverage now.)

So, what am I coveting today?  Primarily, sleep.  But what’s better than reading your favorite magazine, Lucky, fluffing your pillow and peacefully drifting off to sleep?

I’ll tell you what.  Doing it in cashmere.  Need I say more?

Ok, so it’s not cheap.  But you could wear this cashmere tank set from RedEnvelope.com every night of the year, if you wanted to, making the cost per wear $0.41.  You probably spend far more than that on Vicks VapoRub, Kleenex and your reusable water cup.

Give it some thought… or put it at the top of your Christmas list!

Cashmere tank set, RedEnvelope.com $149.95

Daily Covet: Bag Lady

J.J. Winters Zippered Distressed Leather Clutch, RevolveClothing.com $195

I have a lot of bags.  Most of them are oversized and diaper, wipe-y, sippy cup-worthy.  I do not have a lot of “going out” bags, which is why I am constantly eyeing them in stores, online and in my favorite magazine “Lucky!”  I found this most recent bag in the December issue and I’m putting it at the top of my Christmas list.

It’s a little rocker chic but the long chain strap makes it seem a little more refined too.

I’d wear it with dark jeans and a shrunken blazer or with a pencil skirt and fitted sweater.  Heck, I’d even put it on with a little black dress for a special night out.

I guess what I am trying to say is, you really can wear it with everything!