French Connection at the end of the Rainbow

You would assume by the amount of speial occasion dresses I put on this blog, that I live a very interesting life of event-hopping.  However, I would quickly remind you of A) the name of this blog (, and B) the reason I write this blog is because I do not have that life, but love those clothes. It’s my virtual closet of sorts.

With that disclaimer out of the way, here is another fantastic dress by one of my all-time favorites, French Connection.  I adore yellow this season, and am lucky enough to be able to wear most shades of it.  And of course, it’s top to bottom and back again embellished with stunning sequins.  I love the contrasting panels in a neutral and the shift shape of French Connection’s Rainbow dress is one I gravitate to most often.

Add a silver clutch and an occasion, stir and voila!