Daily Covet: Gay Men Don’t Get Fat

Gay Men Don't Get Fat by Simon Doonan, barneys.com $25

Yep, you read that right.  I first found the book Gay Men Don’t Get Fat  by Simon Doonan at Barney’s online.  I stowed away the picture of the book cover in my iPhoto arsenal of all things coveted.

It struck me as hilarious, because I’ve read French Women Don’t Get Fat, but it lost me at the recipes.  (I hate to cook, you should know by now!)  The review lead me to believe it concentrated far more on eating food, than it did on having to make it.  And the kicker is, the author also goes on to explain how gay men delight in fashion, have amazing taste in décor and accessories and of course, how they stay so slim and well kept.

So, after I get through the book Attachments by our local Rainbow Rowell, I will dial up, Gay Men Don’t Get Fat, on my Kindle.  But maybe since I like the cover so much, I will consider getting the hardback option for my bookshelf…

Daily Covet: My covet fire needs a little “Kindle”-ing!

Kindle 3G Wireless Reading Device, Amazon.com $189

I love to read.  I usually have a stack of unread books next to my bedside just waiting to be cracked open.

There are times though, when I really want to read a book that someone has mentioned or possibly one that I’ve read a review for and I can’t remember what it was by the time I finally get to the bookstore.

It sure would be nice to grab my Kindle and order it up, right then and there!