Hat Trick!

Some of you have asked for hats.  And you know I like to give you what you ask for, so here is a shot from yesterday’s Derby Party.  The Derby Party, in which my horse, Bodemeister, was in the lead for virtually the entire race until the very end.

While I didn’t lose any money, I did lose some bragging rights.

Oh well, there’s always next year!



Derby Day!

It’s Derby Day, y’all.  And we will soon be gearing up for our Kentucky Derby party.  I have my linen dress and hat all ready to go, and my kiddos have their seersucker shorts and pastel polos ready too.  I’m still supposed to be finding my DH his outfit, and as of yet, I’m coming up short.  But in a perfect world, a seersucker suit, some suede “Bucks” and a sherbert-hued bow tie would fall from the sky just in time for the 5:24pm CST start time.

It’s not looking good, my bloggy friends….

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