Mad Men Countdown – 13 days

There’s nothing I like better than a sharp-dressed man.  And if he’s not in his favorite jeans and white t-shirt, then I prefer him in an impeccably tailored suit, crisp white shirt and the perfect tie.

Enter Don Draper.

Followed by Roger Sterling.


Mad Men Countdown – 19 days

Less than three weeks, bloggy friends, until the return of the best show on TV!

So tonight, I’ll feature the super hot stylings of John Hamm in a few of his more casual ensembles.

And although I am a HUGE fan of the well-dressed man in a tailored suit and white shirt, I gotta say that Don Draper in a sweater ain’t half bad either!

Mad Men Update

If you have ever read this blog more than once, you will probably have some idea that I am hooked, in love, addicted, and more to the “to die for” Mad Men series.  So when I ran across a picture of the cast (minus January Jones, who is probably off protecting the identity of her baby daddy) at a benefit, I just had to post.

Oh, and because, my heart throb Jon Slattery, looks uber-cool in shaded specs, jeans and bucks.  Mmmmm….

The latest: we all know that Mad Men is coming back.  But not until 2012.  And minus some beloved cast members, who haven’t been named as of yet.

Cast of Mad Men at a benefit