Accessories in Brights!

Brights are big again this season!

Are you one of those, who only feels comfortable in your monochromatic wardrobe?  Punch up your black, grey, white and navy with a healthy dose of bright accessories– and no one will know the difference!

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Daily Covet: Apple of my “i”

iPhone 4G 32G, $299

I am joining the millions of people that either have or would like to have an Apple iPhone.  Last July, I finally upgraded my Blackberry to an HTC Aria smartphone because  I am an AT&T customer (insert look of pity here.)  Within weeks, the face plate was broken and the journey to a new faceplate (read more here) left me with a phone that now has to be on speaker phone to carry on a conversation with the person on the other end of the line.

While I like the HTC features and gadgets and the overall size of my little phone, I would not be so daft as to purchase another one after the issues we’ve been through.  It’s not me HTC, it’s you.

So, while I either wait out the many more months until my next upgrade or bite the bullet and change providers, I will be coveting the new iPhone instead of using some crazy “APP”  to change the oil on my car or teach my children how to do algebra.