Jeweled Candles to light your way

I’m not typically a candle snob.  In fact, I usually get them for gifts.  And half the time, I forget to light them.

But that was before!  Before these jeweled candles from Primal Elements at Joss & Main crossed my path, which come in inspired scents like spun sugar, champagne and citrus, bergamot and chamomile teas, and rhubarb-quince tart.

While those do call to mind some scrumptious scents, I don’t care what they smell like.  (Did I already tell you I rarely light them?)  The fact that they look so incredibly adorable with their bedazzled selves is reason enough to stock up.

And pass them out as gifts too… for other people, who may or may not light their candles.

Unnamed shopping event…

Ok, so that’s not a very exciting title and sadly, I haven’t thought of anything clever yet either.

With that said, here’s a new little twist for  Regularly, people shoot me a quick email or call me up and say, “I need something for….” Insert person, place or event.  And I always try to find the right thing for said person, place or event either by knowing said person – personally.  Or by getting a few key details about their lifestyle, personal style or personality.  My thoughts were that maybe, just maybe, you’ll have a tricky gift situation and one of these fun ideas might work for you too!

Today was kind of a tricky one.

My husband told me recently how they will be picking out their top 10 clients and will begin doing nice, personal things for them.  (Business 101 here too!)  An account manager that works for my husband emailed me with this little tidbit this afternoon:

Amy –

I am very sorry to bother you at home, but “DH” said you are the perfect person to assist with a shopping task.  I have a customer that is 25 and a very metro sexual type.  He loves the color white and wears bow ties and diamond studs.  If you have any ideas on what would be a great little personal gift for around $50.00 I need all the help I can get.

Hmmm, this could be a tough one.  My first instincts were that this is a guy, who would love expensive accessories to wear in a flashy way.  Burberry belts, TAG Heuer watches… you get the idea.  But the $50 limit posed a problem, as both of those things are well over the limit.  After about 10 minutes of trolling the Internet for interesting men’s accessorries, I found these personalized collar stays at Red Envelope – one of my faves for unique gifts.

My idea was to personalize them with inspirational personal and/or professional quotes, which he will be able to read every time he gets dressed for another successful day.  The idea was a big hit!

And oh! they have them specifically for dads too.  You know dad’s day is right around the corner, right?!

My paying gig: Do you practice “gift parity?”

 Remember a few weeks ago when I blogged about needing gift ideas for a close-in-age, same-sex sibling?

It all started when I was trying to keep things “even.”  Because in my guilty mother’s conscience, I am positive the infraction of too few gifts for one will somehow damage his existence.  Read more on today.