Daily Covet: French Connection Lolo Dress

I’m absolutely one for collecting little black dresses (and sweats ironically.)

Try as I might, most times the black one in my “try on” stack just looks the best. DUH!

Truth be told, I’ve been purging a lot lately and have donated much of my LBD collection.

So when I happened upon this French Connection Lolo dress, I was hooked immediately. I dig the cute cap sleeves that are more like petals and the deep V, which is the most flattering neckline for me. The slightly higher waistline is a major plus too for this vertically challenged girl. This is just the dress for my collection!

I don’t have anywhere particularly special to wear this now, but I know it won’t be long until this is just the right frock for something… er other.


Daily Covet: Snakes & Shifts

Snakes and shifts?  I don’t usually like snakes (I loath them), but I do like love shift dresses.  They are perfect for a girlio like me, who wears one size on top and a different one on the bottom.

This shift dress from French Connection is especially cute because of the “tough,” metallic snake print juxtaposed with the femininity of a 60’s era dress.

A perfect union really.

French Connection at the end of the Rainbow

You would assume by the amount of speial occasion dresses I put on this blog, that I live a very interesting life of event-hopping.  However, I would quickly remind you of A) the name of this blog (littleblacksweats.com), and B) the reason I write this blog is because I do not have that life, but love those clothes. It’s my virtual closet of sorts.

With that disclaimer out of the way, here is another fantastic dress by one of my all-time favorites, French Connection.  I adore yellow this season, and am lucky enough to be able to wear most shades of it.  And of course, it’s top to bottom and back again embellished with stunning sequins.  I love the contrasting panels in a neutral and the shift shape of French Connection’s Rainbow dress is one I gravitate to most often.

Add a silver clutch and an occasion, stir and voila!

My Paying Gig: Fashion Classics Top 10

If you can wrangle up a Diane Von Furstenberg dress on sale, you can probably wear it forever. Find out what other items are in my top 10 here on Momaha.

Daily Covet: Princess Style

It’s fitting that I’m coming across this picture of Kate Middleton, just 4 short days after I put together my own short and sequinced number.  I loved that outfit so much, I’m already trying to figure out how and where to wear it again.

Kate Middleton Style

So let’s get down to recreating this style with some minor variations for the “Playsuit’s” next appearance.

Daily Covet: All dressed up…

Tibi tuxedo jacket, shopbop.com $550; Lucinda Playsuit, frenchconnection.com $116; B. Makowsky Vada, 6pm.com $77; Leola clutch, ikbennett.com $115

So after weeks of searching for something new to wear, and a promise to myself that I would not buy ONE MORE LITTLE BLACK DRESS, I have found my outfit.  So I will be all dressed up, with somewhere to go on Saturday night.  In black.

Well, at least it’s not a dress this time!  It is, in fact, a “playsuit” says French Connection – one of my oldest and dearest friends.  A sequined playsuit, more to the point.  And I am not a head-to-toe  sequins (ok, thigh) kind of girl, but I thought I’d take a chance this time.

I paid a small fortune to have Frenchconnection.com overnight this adorable outfit to me by 10:30a.m. this morning – I guess it’s  payback for all the times I’ve “cheaped out” and waited to order until shipping was free.  And even before 10a.m., it was here!

I also found the formerly $120 black suede B. Makowsky’s on sale at Von Maur for $32. (I thought I was buying them for $86, so that was a huge surprise!)  And I already own bezel-set earrings, black opague tights, sparkly bracelets and a red clutch.

Oh yeah, I also own the black tuxedo topper I have planned to wear over it, for a not-so-frigid January night.

Mission accomplished.  And with 48 hours to spare!