Animals don’t send Christmas Cards

I know you’ll think I have it out for all household family pets but I really don’t.  As I mentioned in a blog awhile back on, I think family pets play an integral part in some people’s lives and if those people are diligent and responsible about taking care of them, I am all for it.

I just don’t want one.  And I don’t want yours either:  especially not in the form of a Christmas card or a Christmas letter, written from your seemingly gifted cat or dog.

Christmas cards are for humans.  They are sent to humans, by humans.  I would love to hear about what’s been happening this year with you and your family but I’m pretty sure I can already guess that your family pet slept, ate and shat most of the year.

Some will say, “Our pet is like our child.”  To that I say, take a family picture and include your cat or dog but don’t send me (and I’m sure there will be loads that agree) pictures of just your dog.  Your pet doesn’t mean to anyone, what (s)he means to you so it’s just better to save the money spent on expensive picture cards and send a nice pre-printed card with a holiday sentiment on it.

…unless your pet can actually address, stamp and deliver the card to the post office.  In that case, I’d prefer the video.