Daily Covet: Packable Sunhat

With warmer weather approaching – although not soon enough if you ask me – I’m thinking of ways to look great while still protecting my skin… something sadly, I waited to do until I was in my 30’s.

So when I ran across this totally cute sunhat with the big navy bow, I was smitten.

Not only is this ideal for sunny days at the park and the pool, it just so happens that it would look absolutely fabulous with my H&M striped dress daily covet from yesterday!



Jelly Bags

Jelly bags, not beans, for Easter!

This adorable Dalvaux Brilliant vinyl bag from Barney’s looks like more fun than anything you could be doing while carrying it.  The color alone, almost literally screams out for attention.

If you are contemplating buying yourself a pair of vintage jelly shoes that will ultimately give you blisters (not to mention, make your feel sweaty and stinky), choose this structured bag in nail-polish-shiny hues instead.

Your feet and your boyfriend will thank you!