Daily Covet: Home Library

We are seriously lacking in “stacks” around here.  My sons have a small bookshelf that holds the majority of their book collection.  Daddy and I?  Our books are lazily resting on every nightstand, dresser and coffee table in the house in their own messy stacks.

So when I got an email update from Houszz this morning, I fell in love with this miniature library that could’ve been no more than a larger closet previous to becoming the most awesome “reading room” in the house.

Now, if I only had a closet big enough in this 1925 Tudor to turn into my very own book-lover’s dream spot….

Book Nook by Susa Jay Design via Houszz

Daily Covet: Work Table For 1, Please

At this very moment, I am writing this blog, editing another blog for Momaha.com and trying to also complete some copywriting… at my kitchen table. (Oh, and eating lunch too!)

I am dying for my own little space!

One that I can write in.  One that I can set up and use my sewing machine in.  One that I can store important papers in.  You get the picture?  I googled “home office spaces” and came up with the most perfect office space ever.  Complete with Eiffel Tower, no less.

Get a load of this office space courtesy of The Office Stylist.  UH-MA-ZING!

She starts with all my favorite colors....

Remember that sewing machine space I wanted?

Etegere, complete with Eiffel Tower statue...

And don't forget my other favorites...mirrored accessories and caned-back Louis chairs. Sigh....