Daily Covet: A very Target Christmas

With two-ish weeks to Thanksgiving, I am already anticipating the pulling out of Christmas crap I use to decorate my home for the holidays each year (and I mean “crap” in the nicest way.) But really, it’s a collection of ornaments, towels, lights and much more that I have accumulated on the way to being a grown up – some items even belonged to my long deceased grandparents once upon a time.

But like all the rooms in my house, I’m itching to just blow them up and start over with a more thoughtfully curated collection of holiday paraphernalia.

That brings me to the Target holiday aisle…the one they put closest to the large aisle that takes me to the part of the store where I actually buy things we need. How on earth can I not stop for a peek at all the fun new things that have been out for the holidays since before Halloween… because that’s necessary.

This year I’m loving all the turquoise, metallics and cream that is being shown for the holidays. My tree has been decorated in turquoise for years so it’s nice to see that Target is finally catching up with me!

Here are a few of my absolute favorites:


My paying gig: Do you practice “gift parity?”

 Remember a few weeks ago when I blogged about needing gift ideas for a close-in-age, same-sex sibling?

It all started when I was trying to keep things “even.”  Because in my guilty mother’s conscience, I am positive the infraction of too few gifts for one will somehow damage his existence.  Read more on Momaha.com today.

Daily Covet: I just can’t get enough

Tescher's History of Fashion, Volume 1 & 2, amazon.com $38

As if I need another coffee table book in my life, I found this beautiful History of Fashion set in one of my daily emails.

And just in time, my mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas.  I told her about my newest covet.  It’s got to be obvious by now, that I love, love, love clothing.  And not just the kind that is practical and keeps you protected.  In fact, I tend to lean more toward the clothing, which provides no practicality and that, which you actually have to protect.

But I figured this is a must-have for a girl who just can’t get enough fashion.  And it got glowing reviews from readers!

Now I’m crossing my fingers that Mom decides I must have it too!

Daily Covet: My home needs a new facade

Front porch decor compliments of Pottery Barn, porch not for sale.

Some time ago, my then three-year-old commented on a picture of a very posh little home office space in the Pottery Barn Catalog.  He said matter of factly, “I wish we lived there.”  Funny, I thought and decided that I too wished we lived there.

Well, now I’m wishing this was the front of my home as it would look for the holidays… again compliments of Pottery Barn.  While my home has wonderful curb appeal in the spring, summer and early fall – it looks barren and dead by the time Christmas rolls around.  Columns for wrapping green boughs around?  Sadly a cold, brick porch with a wrought iron railing….  Window boxes for stacking greenery, big bulbs or other holiday gimcracks?  No window boxes… only chocolate brown trim on our one asymmetrical window.  Loads of windows for adorable little white glowing candles?  Again the asymmetry of this home makes it very hard to decorate as lights, candles, decorations would all be located on one side.

I realize this is probably a fake front porch but I do sometimes wish I had grand old home with columns or a huge front porch so that I could decorate ’til my hearts content.  But who are we kidding?  I’ve barely managed to get out the decorations for the space that I do have!

Animals don’t send Christmas Cards

I know you’ll think I have it out for all household family pets but I really don’t.  As I mentioned in a blog awhile back on Momaha.com, I think family pets play an integral part in some people’s lives and if those people are diligent and responsible about taking care of them, I am all for it.

I just don’t want one.  And I don’t want yours either:  especially not in the form of a Christmas card or a Christmas letter, written from your seemingly gifted cat or dog.

Christmas cards are for humans.  They are sent to humans, by humans.  I would love to hear about what’s been happening this year with you and your family but I’m pretty sure I can already guess that your family pet slept, ate and shat most of the year.

Some will say, “Our pet is like our child.”  To that I say, take a family picture and include your cat or dog but don’t send me (and I’m sure there will be loads that agree) pictures of just your dog.  Your pet doesn’t mean to anyone, what (s)he means to you so it’s just better to save the money spent on expensive picture cards and send a nice pre-printed card with a holiday sentiment on it.

…unless your pet can actually address, stamp and deliver the card to the post office.  In that case, I’d prefer the video.

Reader’s Daily Covet: To top it off

Slouch Bow Cloche, Anthropologie $148

Another loyal reader submitted her Daily Covet.  She picked this cute little boiled wool, slouch cloche with a ginormous bow from Anthropologie.

I can totally see her in this cute topper with tons of earthy, ruffled layers and toothpick cords.

So cute for a chilly day about town and a great splurge for a little pre-Christmas present to herself… while she shops for others, of course!