Daily Covet: Socks

Socks.  Yep, you read that right.

There are so many positives to having sons these days.  Especially when you consider girls and jr. high or high school.

However, there is one thing sons will never have on daughters, and that is their wardrobe.  I was devestated to find out I wouldn’t be filling the tiny closets of my then hypothetical home with pink tu-tus and mary janes and hats and Easter dresses.

Boys’ clothes have come a long way since the mid-70’s when my little brother was sporting Garanimals.  But, they still aren’t anywhere near as plentiful or excruciatingly adorable as the worldwide selection of girls’ clothes.

So what’s a fashmomista to do?

Invest in cute socks.  My boys had adorable socks.  Trumpette socks, striped socks in every color, bright green and blue socks with planes on them, and Christmas socks with silver snowflakes or penguins in scarves.

Needless to say when I ran across these adorable socks from Let’s Have Sox this afternoon on GILT.com, I was smitten.  And at $30 for 10 pairs, they are a steal too!

Aren’t these delicious?

Photo via Gilt.com


9 days, friends, 9 days.

Mark your calendars for Thursday, March 15th because that’s the day that Diane Von Furstenberg’s children’s line will be launched at GAP. I’ve had a glimpse of some of the items, and it has me wishing that my neice’s birthday party was next Sunday instead of this Sunday.

I guess I’ll have to wait for another day… or abduct a little girl.

Daily Covet: Cashmere for Kids

The majority of our clothing budget is spent on our two boys.

It’s so much more fun to buy for them because their sizes are so predictable.  They always fit into the size that their age says they are supposed to fit into.  If anything gets too small, it’s only because the sleeves or the legs are too short.  It’s never because they have to lay down on their beds to get their jeans buttoned, like one person in my household, who shall remain nameless.

So when I received one of my daily emails from Barney’s this morning, I immediately had to check out the sale on the most adorable Christopher Fischer cashmere sweaters.  Now, I will admit that I have only invested in cashmere for the older of my boys.  And the youngest of my boys, specifically, will NEVER get cashmere anything because of his lack of table manners, but these cashmere sweaters for kids from Barneys.com (sale $98) are almost irresistable.

See for youself.