Daily Covet: Cashmere for Kids

The majority of our clothing budget is spent on our two boys.

It’s so much more fun to buy for them because their sizes are so predictable.  They always fit into the size that their age says they are supposed to fit into.  If anything gets too small, it’s only because the sleeves or the legs are too short.  It’s never because they have to lay down on their beds to get their jeans buttoned, like one person in my household, who shall remain nameless.

So when I received one of my daily emails from Barney’s this morning, I immediately had to check out the sale on the most adorable Christopher Fischer cashmere sweaters.  Now, I will admit that I have only invested in cashmere for the older of my boys.  And the youngest of my boys, specifically, will NEVER get cashmere anything because of his lack of table manners, but these cashmere sweaters for kids from Barneys.com (sale $98) are almost irresistable.

See for youself.

Daily Covet: Gay Men Don’t Get Fat

Gay Men Don't Get Fat by Simon Doonan, barneys.com $25

Yep, you read that right.  I first found the book Gay Men Don’t Get Fat  by Simon Doonan at Barney’s online.  I stowed away the picture of the book cover in my iPhoto arsenal of all things coveted.

It struck me as hilarious, because I’ve read French Women Don’t Get Fat, but it lost me at the recipes.  (I hate to cook, you should know by now!)  The review lead me to believe it concentrated far more on eating food, than it did on having to make it.  And the kicker is, the author also goes on to explain how gay men delight in fashion, have amazing taste in décor and accessories and of course, how they stay so slim and well kept.

So, after I get through the book Attachments by our local Rainbow Rowell, I will dial up, Gay Men Don’t Get Fat, on my Kindle.  But maybe since I like the cover so much, I will consider getting the hardback option for my bookshelf…

Daily Covet: Just Plain Studly

Co-op Studded Ankle Boot, Barneys.com $179 sale

My New Year’s resolution?  Less time in little black sweats.  More time blow drying my hair, wearing mascara and dressing like a grown up.

Does this sound shallow?  Inconsequential?  Easy?  HA!  Walk in this stay-at-home mom’s shoes, friends….

In fact, these shoes from Barney’s.

On Tuesday this week, I went to put on these cute Pilco jeans I procured at Anthropologie, and realized that I just do not have fun footwear to match a chambray shirt, a beige oatmeal swing sweater and my faded rose-colored jeans. I spent much time that day searching online for the perfect boots… and didn’t find them.  But today, lo and behold, adorable boots from CO-OP.

Before you gasp at the 4″+ heels, take a gander at the fun platform… which makes these perfect for flared and my still-too-long Joe’s Provocateur (read petite) jeans too.

It was meant to be.