Style Sleuth: Title 9 Tankini

Before swimsuit season got underway, I received an email from a friend.  She was shedding a little extra weight from having a baby not long before.  She took up running to do it, and was training for her first half marathon to give herself a reason to stick with it.  I gave her a few suggestions, but ultimately thought of Title 9 for their athletic-friendly swimwear.  The bottoms are full coverage, and the tankinis and bikinis have great support.  See her email below:

Another quick question for you…

Because you’re so amazing regarding fashion, any thoughts on where I should start my swim suit hunt?

I’m really anxious about buying online because I sort of feel like suits need to be tried on in person…but if you have thoughts…I would be so appreciative.


And here is what she found on Title!

Daily Covet: Transportation Authority

So, my daily covet came from spending an evening with my neighbors at our block party.

An old friend of my husband’s from high school, just happened to crash the soiree (see what parenthood will do to you?) with this amazing wagon, which is collapsable and has millions of pockets and can fit, like a gaggle of kiddos in it….

Ok, so I’m exaggerating a little bit but check out the picture.

And it’s not only great for parents.  Imagine how much alcohol you could haul to your next outdoor concert or how many groceries you could pull home, should you happen to live in the big city.  The possibilities are endless!

Mobile Folding Wagon, $139.50

Daily Covet: Chic on the Cheap

Missoni, long known for unique patterns and styles in knitwear, has collaborated with everyone’s favorite discount store, Target.  This morning, I found a sneak peek of what they have “in store” for us very soon.

Here are a few of my faves – oddly I can’t wear any of it!  But who doesn’t want super cute luggage to travel with, baby clothes in bright and playful prints and dishes that are almost too fun to eat off of?

Obviously, not me!