Where are your family values now?

Blog friends,

I know this is supposed to be a fashion and lifestyle blog, and 99.9% of the time, it is. But I’m still reeling from the Presidential election, if you want to know the truth.

I’ll warn you right now that this is going to get political – read it or delete it – but know that I am saddened, scared, embarrassed and humiliated by the fact that a buffoon is going to occupy the Oval Office.

On Election Day, I watched outspoken and conservative political activist, Ana Navarro on The View. I can’t say I agree with her politics most of the time, but her disdain for the then-candidate for the Republican Party was definitely in line with my own political views.

Navarro expressed concern for the depths at which our country sunk over the election. She went on to say that she was a Republican when Donald Trump was a Democrat; she was a Republican when Donald Trump was an Independent, and she’s a Republican today. She said that Donald Trump does not represent the Republican Party that she knows and loves. She also stated that she supports the values of strong faith, family unity and inclusiveness that Conservatives stand for.

I applaud her for sticking to her guns and not falling in lockstep with other Republicans, who have supported and will continue to support Donald Trump’s twisted Presidency simply because today he says he’s a Republican.

I do, however, take issue with the fact that she thinks conservatives own the market on values of strong faith, family unity and inclusiveness.

Conservatives have done an excellent job of painting Progressives into a Godless- ivory tower-free love-angry-feminist-anything goes corner. And If this election has taught me anything, it’s that the conservative rhetoric about family unity and “family values” is just that. Just talk. I say this because hate, bigotry, sexual assault, misogyny, sexism and hypocrisy are not examples of family values, inclusiveness or strong faith, but it sure as hell just won the White House.

By putting Donald Trump in the White House, the electorate and nearly half the citizens of the United States who voted have said all of those qualities are acceptable. And not only are they acceptable, they are qualities that are tolerated in the next leader of the free world. Sadly, we hold higher standards for our morning T.V. hosts than we do for the Oval Office.

I sat at a table with five successful and upstanding women citizens of my community on Friday afternoon. I am fortunate enough to call them dear friends. They are strong and professional women, who have advanced degrees, who raise families, who serve on boards for organizations that help those less fortunate, care for stray animals or advance women’s rights. These are women who volunteer their time as Girl Scout leaders, teach Sunday school, head up the PTO and attend church services regularly.

We talk of raising our children as citizens of the world, who have been allowed only to borrow this planet with the hope that they use their talents to do inspiring work, encourage tolerance and spread goodwill among ALL men, not just the ones that look like us and worship the same way.

And guess what? None of us are conservatives or Republicans, yet we still have family unity, our own family values and insist on inclusiveness. Whatever faith we hold dear, it allows us to be accepting of people who find spiritual comfort and strength in something different.

What are family values exactly anyway? The Webster’s Dictionary definition of family values is: values held to be traditionally learned or reinforced within a family, such as those of high moral standards and discipline.

So how does “within a family” apply to an entire party of people and not another?

It’s the hypocrisy that makes me question the true adherence to the notions of “family values,” “a strong faith” and “inclusiveness.”

In my opinion, going to church every Sunday does not make you righteous or prove you possess strong faith.

Withholding medical care for women does not make you pro-life; especially if you support the state’s right to put people to death.

Denying LGBTQ people the same Constitutional Rights because it isn’t “morally” acceptable is not inclusiveness. Religious moral beliefs are not how we legislate in this country thanks to our founding fathers, who specifically set it up that way.

Wearing all your flag pins at once and carrying a copy of the Constitution in your pocket does not make you a patriot. Your party won’t hold hearings to confirm the sitting President’s Supreme Court nomination as permitted to him under Article 2 of that Constitution you hold so dear.

Denying immigrants who are fleeing rape, murder, slavery and starvation in war-torn nations a safe place in our society is not inclusiveness, nor is it humane (Especially after they’ve endured 18-24 months of exhaustive vetting by six governmental agencies.)

Spending billions on war sold to the American people with erroneous intelligence instead of spending on education, veterans benefits and embassy security personnel is not “fiscal conservatism,” it’s criminal.

So the next time some Trump-ster implies that their party cornered the market on strong faith, family values and inclusiveness or patriotism and fiscal conservatism, I’d like to remind them that just saying it, and saying it loud doesn’t mean it’s true.

And if you are trolling this blog, go ahead and comment. You’ll only provide confirmation of the aforementioned for the rest of us.






Daily Covet: Marley Lilly Plaid Tote

I swear Christmas comes earlier every year. Luckily, I’ve started my shopping a bit earlier this year so that I’m not totally over Christmas by the time the actual holiday rolls around.

I received an email from my friend and Mommy Wisdom owner with her holiday boutique shopping hours. Like a good friend and person in need of holiday gifts for what seems like 100 teachers, I put the dates in my calendar and perused the flyer.

The boutique flyer featured the most adorable tote bag with REAL LEATHER handles and accents for a very reasonable price. I instantly fell in love and requested the name of the vendor that sells them.

So today, this wool tote is on my “want list.” It never ceases to amaze me how much stuff I can find for myself while shopping for others!

And if you are in need of personalized stationary, cute headbands for working out, monogrammed totes and much more, please see mommywisdom.net. There are some great gifts for just about everyone on your list!


Photo credit Marleylilly.com


Daily Covet: Kate Spade Coin Purse

Having been a tween/teen in the 80’s, I know my way around a mix tape.

In the words of Miranda Lambert, “record the country countdown cause I couldn’t buy it yet” rings so true. While my tastes trended more towards 80’s pop artists like Cyndi Lauper, Spandau Ballet, Til Tuesday and U2, I was one of those kids taping Casey Kasem’s Top 40 every week so that I could hear my favorite songs on demand.

When I saw this fun coin purse from Kate Spade, I was instantly smitten. Printed with “Mix it Up,” it takes me back to the days of scrunchies, lavender eyeshadow and going to Pretty In Pink theater.

How fun it would be to pull that little reminder of 80’s nostalgia out of my handbag every day. Luckily, it’s just big enough to tuck my favorite No. 7 lipstick in too!


Daily Covet: AG Jodi Leatherette Jeans

I tend to be somewhat of a denim collector. I love classic styles as much as the newest silhouette in denim every season. Some of my jeans are of the expensive designer persuasion and others are cheap and trendy, “throwaway fashion” versions from Target. Truth be told however, I double heart love Target jeans too!

But today, I am not coveting inexpensive knockoffs. I am all in for these AG Jodi “leatherette” jeans. They aren’t leather, they aren’t quite faux leather but they do have that sortof appearance from afar. I would guess they are most similar to the “coated” jeans of yesteryear.

They do have that biker chick shine like leather, which can either be dressed up with strappy sandals or down with your favorite sneaks. Myself, I would most likely pair them with cozy blanket coats and some cool menswear-inspired Derbys.

The best part about leatherette though…. no specialty leather cleaning necessary. Wash on cold, baby. Super high style and super low maintenance. What’s better than that?


Falling for Seasonal Décor

It’s suddenly turned cold here in Middle America and it has me considering how I might mix things up when it comes to my home décor. My color scheme is pretty light with pale blues, greens and a creamy white the rest of the year. However, overcast skies, cool rains and dropping temperatures make me want to make things a little cozier inside.

So how do I do this without trading in all my light-colored furniture and accessories for deep, rich colors and plush fabrics? Luckily, I have a few ideas that won’t break the bank or force me into redecorating my entire home.

  1. Throw pillows. Why not pull all my polished cotton and linen-covered throw pillows in turquoise and green, and swap them out for plush velvet or even silk with some embellishments?
  2. Fall tablescapes. Green sprigs, Satin ribbons, brilliant fall fruits and plenty of candles are all good ways to transform your home for the season. If you’ve got a set (or two or three!) of inherited dishes packed away like I do, pull out the ones with the gold bands or festive apples on them to use for the season.
  3. Welcome mat. Welcome friends and family with a fall or holiday-inspired mat at your front door.
  4. Faux fur throws. Make sure there is the plushest of covers draped across your favorite reading chair or a sofa you love to stretch out on. It should be convenient enough to grab if a chill suddenly comes on.
  5. Blooms. Mums or any other fall flowers in deep reds, oranges and gold are perfect for your front porch or your dining table. You can always create a really dramatic arrangement for your mantle too. Combine them with gourds, pumpkins and apples for even more color and texture.
  6. Candles. Choose tons of white pillars in multiple heights or light a single holiday-smelling candle in your kitchen. You can also put a bunch of tea lights out in a variety of candle holders – notice the cored out apples!
  7. Indoor rugs. Your everyday rugs might be very expensive or hard to move, but if they aren’t or you just want to swap out some of the smaller rugs around, this is an easy way to add fall shades to your home. Places like HomeGoods have rugs of all shapes and sizes at affordable prices. You may even want to keep them out all year  ’round.
  8. Outdoor spaces. Use your porch or a sunroom as an extension of your home’s square footage. You can always add throws, pillows and rugs to those areas, as well as pretty potted plants in seasonal containers. Plus you can show them off to all the neighbors too!

Hopefully, I’ll tackle some of these in the next few weeks. How about you? What do you do to get your home ready for colder weather? Share some of your favorite ways to welcome the new season into your home in the comments.

Roberto Coin Hoops: an alternative to studs

Virtually every day of my life before I leave the house, I put in simple diamond studs. I’m usually wearing my workout clothes when I leave in the morning – just in case I get (make) a chance to work out so my earrings are usually the one little sparkle I incorporate into my appearance.

I recently went through my jewelry looking for something else when I ran across a single baby hoop earring wtih graduated diamonds running channel-set down the middle. I’m missing one, which is sad, but not catastrophic. I guess you’d just call them fashion jewelry – nothing expensive and definitely not genuine.

I did love them though and have often wanted to wear them as a change from my normal studs. Recently, I went looking for a more grown up – read REAL – pair and found these Roberto Coin baby hoops.

The thing I love the most about Roberto Coin is that he always incorporates a signature ruby into his jewelry and generally it’s on the clasp or closure . The reason this is so appealing  is because my birthstone also happens to be a Ruby. Supposedly the ancient Egyptians believed that wearing a Ruby against the skin brought love, happiness, good health and prosperity.

Who couldn’t use a little side of all that along with a splash of sparkle every day?



Green with Envy

Without selling out my beloved turquoise, I find myself drawn to all things green right now. Rich velvet couches, cute sneaks and emerald-colored clutches are all on my list of Daily Covets.


I’m starting to notice a smattering of all shades green in couture collections, home decor sites and at most of my favorite retailers these days too. Is this the next big color?

Every season benefits from the freshest hue on earth. From Springy rebirth to the evergreen hue of a Christmas tree in Winter, there’s no shortage of green all year ’round.