Daily Covet: Organic Matelassé Duvet Cover

A white duvet cover?

So what, why is she telling us this?

Well, let me tell you why I’m telling you.

Have you tried to find a non-100-percent cotton duvet cover lately?

I googled “cotton blend” and “polyester blend” and came up with either cotton or polyester… not both. But several years ago, my mom turned me on to cotton percale sheets that she said wouldn’t wrinkle like my cotton sheets did. Cotton-percale is also incredibly soft without the price tag of their Egyptian-cotton sisters with one billion threadcounts.

To rewind, my current all cotton Tiffany-blue duvet cover has seen better days. I bought it when we moved into our house. It’s been just shy of nine years. It’s wrinkled, discolored, faded and generally looks like crap.

I decided to convert to white because then my duvet cover can’t fade and washing it in my go-to OXY will keep it nice and crisp.

Long story short, when I ran across this Matelassé duvet cover in cotton-percale at WestElm.com I was thrilled.

And although “organic” was not a stipulation of said duvet cover, it can’t hurt right? Also, I love that it’s in a traditionally-French quilted design called Matelassé because… well, because I love all things French.