Which is faster?

I hate shopping at Walmart but it’s so damn cheap!  This morning I was there doing my weekly BIG shopping trip, ran into some friends that we chatted with and continued to shop.  I buzzed through the huge store fairly quickly because I now know where everything is and pretty much buy the same thing every time…

So on to check-out.  It literally took me longer to pay for my groceries than to actually navigate my way through the store to pick them out.  Why, you ask?

Well consider this: There are two express lane checkers standing around in between customers with less than 12 or 15 or 20 items.  They even had the audacity to go and stand at the entrance to their line to let people know they were available while the rest of us helpless F*%#s waited for seven other people to get through the line ahead of us, because there are also only two checkers in regular lines.

Meanwhile, as I stand in line for 45 minutes and look at the millions of Walmart employees walking through the store , I consider all the things I could’ve accomplished in that time…

1) Removed polish and repainted finger and toe nails.

2) Could’ve had Grant down for his nap with a bottle

3) Jack’s lunch would’ve been made and almost eaten

4) Groceries unloaded and put away, groceries bags put back into car for next use.

5) Car washed & gassed up… oops, just remembered I’m probably running on fumes!

6) Call made to Mom to wish her a Happy Birthday… the last in her 5th decade!

7) Flowers watered, back yard toys picked up, trimmed Peonies back and cut some Hydrangeas for a vase indoors.

I could go on but I won’t bore you… I just wanted to vent and will probably end up writing a letter to management at the 72nd St. Walmart.  I suggest you do the same if you’ve had to wait in line longer than it’s taken you to actually shop.

Good Day.