Daily Covet: Erin Fetherston Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink.  Remember the movie where “wrong side of the tracks” Andie gets the hot, rich guy, Blaine?  You know, before Jon Cryer became a bumbling idiot on Two and a Half Men?

I was just reminscing about this movie and the Brat Pack a few nights ago.

So when I saw this simple (and simply beautiful!), feminine Erin Fetherston dress, it totally reminded me of Molly Ringwald’s handmade pink, lace frock from the movie.


[Right Now!]

Molly taught me everything I know!

Molly Ringwald is a childhood idol.  She taught me about life and love before I even needed to know.  Make sure to check out my blog tomorrow on Momaha.com and share your thoughts on Molly’s impact on you.  Or if not her, who?