Daily Covet: Oversized Leather Clutch

I adore this oversized leather clutch from Topshop.  The pink and gray colors remind me of my faves back in the 80’s, and love that they’ve come ’round again.

This super cool envelope clutch has a unique leather patchwork design in a contemporary shape.  And the slip-through closure makes it easy to secure and super chic too.

I totally picture this with a monochromatic gray flannel outfit and pink suede pumps for fall.  What about you?  How would you style this oversized clutch?

Daily Covet: Beauty don’t come free… or cheap

Last night, after dropping a bundle on three new bras (after going waaayyyy too long without replacing old, worn out, and played out bras), I was lamenting the cost of being a woman.  I like the finer things for sure, but I won’t say I’m excessive about my beauty regimen.  Hair cuts and highlights run me about $150 every 12 weeks – yep, I said 12 – as I try to put them off to save myself a couple trips per year that way.

I spend about $50 on day cream, $40 on eye cream and $40-ish on cleanser every couple of months.  I’m a stay-at-home mom, so I don’t regularly wear makeup, except my $26 Lancome Definicils mascara and $18 juicy tubes of lip gloss.  Or just a tinted Burt’s Bees lip balm for $9.  Perfume gives me a headache, and my family membership to the gym, is probably comparable to most gyms – relative to the part of the country you live in.

My point you ask?  Big news!  Jennifer Aniston reportedly spends $8K per month on her beauty regimen.  I was driving this morning, and my radio station’s DJ was remarking over Jennifer Aniston’s monthly beauty bill of $8K.  Apparently, $900 per week goes to Yoga lessons, neck ointment by Euoko is $450, and regular splurges on Tracie Martyn Spa Facials are $500+.

Everyone seems up in arms about this fact.  And while I don’t begrudge Jennifer Aniston her beauty routine (hey, she’s not getting plastic surgery every day like Melanie Griffith!), why is this news?  Articles keep talking about how high and mighty Angelina would be about all the coin Jennifer’s dropping for beauty, while she’s trying to save the world.

Angelina probably spends that and more on tattoos and private jets to wander the globe.  (Yes, I’m Team Aniston…)

All I have to say is… all that money is NOT in vain, as witnessed below.

Need Brow Work?

I’ve given some thought to doing my own brows.  I know it sounds totally cheap, but it seems odd to pay someone $15-$30 to rip off almost no hair from above my eye.

In the end, I always suck it up and pay my wonderful hair person to do it.  And I think it’s a good decision on my part, as I do not have the easiest eyebrows to tame.

However, here is a video from Joyous.com that takes you through step by step.  And even if you still want to leave the removal to the professionals, it’s a great how-to on keeping up between waxes, penciling in lighter areas or taming stray hairs.



Daily De-Covet

Yep, it’s happened.  Write down the day, the day that will live in infamy.  The day that I, Amy Grace, am not coveting anything.  Not anything in particular, anyway.  As hard as I have tried today, and as many websites as I scoured while waiting for my car hatch latch to be fixed, I could not find a single thing worth posting.

So, my loyal followers, I will give you the top 10 things I do not covet today instead.  Try to control your excitement!

Cry Baby...

10.  The Iowa Caucus finished up last night, and since I am a neighbor to Iowa, I seem to get more than my fair share of political calls at inopportune times (read ALWAYS!) I do not covet these.

9.  It’s 48 degrees right now in Middle America, and my Mac’s weather icon says we should be expecting almost 60 tomorrow.  It’s been like this for several weeks, and it looks like it may continue into the beginning of the next one.  It will end sometime, and we will be repaid handsomely with snow, ice and treachery soon.  I do not covet these.

8.  I have work to do.  My virtual boss (she’s real, but we’ve only met once in person.  And she lives 10 hours away.) sent me a copywriting assignment with plenty of categories to complete.  I do not covet these.

7.  We generally eat 3 meals and 1 snack at our house.  Coming up with something to make for 3 meals per day, 7 days per week is awful for me.  I would rather jam a sharpened pencil into my palm.  I do not covet these.

6.  I gave up shaving my legs last fall, and started waxing instead.  It’s great that the hair grows in slower and softer each time, but sucks that you have to wait for it to get long enough to be ripped out again.  They are especially unsightly when I have to wear workout pants that only go to my knees.  I do not covet these hairs.

5.  I took another close look at the tile that is my kitchen counter top.  It’s awful.  No matter how much I scrub, dig and bleach, the grout is dingy and dirty.  It doesn’t help that I live with 3 children (ok 2, but my husband doesn’t wipe up spills either.)  And who’s brilliant idea was it anyway, to use tile and grout for a counter top?  I do not covet these.

4., 3.  Sadly, I was not blessed with a lithe little body or the Hollywood metabolism that keeps starlets thin without even trying… ahem, right!…so there are at least 4 days per week, when I must drag my butt to a Body Blast class, Zumba or to run rat-like on an annoying cardio machine.  I do not covet these days.  Or these machines.

2.  My husband bought me new, super cute Uggs for Christmas.  (Yes, the ones on my daily covet!)  They were too big.  So I reordered from Ugg.com, and they sent me a new “pair” in my size, yet one boot was significantly larger than the other.  I do not covet boots in different sizes.

1.  And last, but definitely not least, I have had a knot in my shoulder for weeks now.  I’m pretty sure it’s from excessive typing in a non-ergonomic fashion.  As I type, it’s zinging me with sharp pin-like pains, while simultaneously maintaining the ever-present dull ache.  I do not covet this.

There you have it!  You don’t even have to stay up late to watch Letterman tonight… you can get your top 10 and all my complaining in one sitting.  Thanks for hanging in there with me!

I feel pretty… oh so pretty…

So, I’ve had a hate affair with my hair pretty much all winter.  It’s not that I have naturally bad hair; it’s been pretty good to me over the years but it’s become a bad color (thank you pregnancies) and fallen out (thank you again, pregnancies) and gotten wavy (do I need to remind you why?)

Several weeks ago I went dark and shorter, just a tad shorter mind you, but I felt like my cut was reminiscent of the “Jennifer” cut pertaining to the Jennifer Aniston “Friends” cut that became the hottest thing on the scene… you know the modern mullet?

Circa mid 90’s.

Need I say more?

So, I made a last minute appointment with my stylist of about 2 years and told her I wanted to go SHORT but that I wanted a cut that looked different everyday, if I so chose to put a minimal amount of effort and “product” into it.

She immediately said, “You’re too dark!”  I felt that way too.  I tried dark because keeping up my natural looking golden glow was getting too expensive but I just didn’t feel like myself.  She lightened me up and I actually feel like it’s my beautiful sun-kissed blonde hair that I had until the aforementioned pregnancies. GRRRR….

While under the dryer to process my color, I searched furiously through all sorts of magazines for a new short cut.  This is not something you can just wing, no matter how good your stylist is.  I would  normally come carrying that picture but had no time this week and truthfully, hadn’t made the final call on whether I could go super short again…

At the last minute, I found it.  The cut!  Short but still my go-to bob.  She cut quickly and painlessly and I walked out with a little product, a new color and wet hair that she didn’t have time to style… my timeline, not hers.

I blew it dry using my hands, no brush in about 3 minutes and figured that this was going to be the makeover I’ve been needing for months.  I’m in love with my new hair and feel pretty… OH SO PRETTY again, just in time for Spring!