Sundays Mornings Are My Favorite!

I love Sunday mornings.  I rarely sleep in because it’s my favorite day of the week and because I have a 9-month-old that gets up at the crack of dawn.  I wouldn’t want to miss a minute of the day on Sunday though.

We aren’t religious, so we are not one of those families rushing around trying to find our least wrinkled Sunday best and piling into the car to go spend an hour with screaming, squirmy kids all for the joy of getting the “message.”

Our Sunday mornings are quiet, filled with newspapers, laptops, kids playing on the floor, hot coffee and breakfast.  I rarely think about the week ahead because it’s the one time I’m in the moment.

Yes, I know that it’s the day before the dreaded Monday but I liken it to the period of time right before you fall asleep at night, where you know you are going to be sleeping soon but you are conscious enough to know how wonderful it feels to be on the verge.

My advice – enjoy your Sunday.  It’s the quiet before the storm….