Mad Men Season 6 Returns!

Hi bloggy friends!  Just in time for my serious bout with spring fever, Mad Men is returning.

That means I won’t mind spending a few more cold, winter evenings curled up on my couch watching my all-time favorite show!

If you are a fan like me, this is stellar news.  (Season 5 was a long time in the making… my Mad heart couldn’t take that long of a break again!)  Sunday, April 7th is the date for the two-hour premier… gasp!

Here’s a cast teaser to get you in the mood!

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And for even more fun, create your own Mad Men “avatar” like I did!


Mad Men Countdown – 13 days

There’s nothing I like better than a sharp-dressed man.  And if he’s not in his favorite jeans and white t-shirt, then I prefer him in an impeccably tailored suit, crisp white shirt and the perfect tie.

Enter Don Draper.

Followed by Roger Sterling.


Daily Covet: Mad for Sunday Nights

I just got the word, Mad Men’s latest season debuts with a 2 hour premier on March 25th.  I almost hyperventilated when I got the AMC email telling me 30 seconds ago.

Jon Hamm as Mad Men's "Don Draper"

First, I cannot wait to see my favorite characters, Don Draper and Roger Sterling, seduce like one hundred women in the first episode alone… even though Don is engaged to his secretary/nanny-for-the-day.

And I’m anticipating even more great fashion from the costumer, and quite possibly the most talented woman on the planet, Janie Bryant.

Don’t count on Sunday blogs and covets starting March 25th.  I’ll be curled up on my couch watching Mad Men on the small screen for the rest of the season.  But do look for some seriously 60’s-inspired covets from me in the near future.

Or maybe I’ll just revisit some of my past favorites… we’ll just have to see!

Daily Covet: Slow burn with a slow return?

I mentioned that we just caught up on Mad Men, via a set of pirated discs that a friend burned for me.

I loved that the fourth season was a slow, dark burn that left us wanting more.  Sadly, season five doesn’t even air on AMC until… well, we don’t know… which means for those of us that keep up on Netflix (or some other way) we will not see Mad Men, probably until at least 2012.

Need I remind you that could mean anywhere from 9 months to well over a year?  I just don’t think my poor little self can wait that long!  I may have to go back and rewatch the last four seasons just to get my fix.

And while last season’s Mad Men was a slow burn, it seems the next season is more of a slow return.

Mad about Mad Men

Hi, my name is Amy and I’m a Mad Men-aholic.  Hi Amy.

My husband and I have just stocked up on all discs from the 3rd season of Mad Men.  We have stayed up late the past few nights to catch up on our favorite series.  I have not been disappointed.

I’m sure you know by now, if you’ve been reading my posts, that I love clothes… and Mad Men features my favorite era!  I long for the days when women wore dresses, gloves, heels and matching handbags.  I was born in the wrong decade for sure…

My favorite character?  Jon Slattery or better known as “Roger Sterling” on the show.  He’s got genius comic timing and I absolutely love his irreverence.  He says exactly what he feels, and most likely what the rest of think but wouldn’t dare say.

I must also admit that I have a super, not-so-secret crush on him!  I know, I know he has white hair and is probably at least 1.5x my age but something about him really gets me just as it did when he played the politician with a “pee” fetish in the Sex & The City series.

Can’t wait to start the 4th disc.  If you haven’t discovered this show, run don’t walk to your nearest video store!