Daily Covet: Bathrooms you’d love to live in

The bathroom in our basement is a hot mess.

Guests who see it for the first time always exclaim, “It must be so nice to have that big Whirlpool tub!”

First of all, we NEVER use it. It’s two floors away from our bedroom. Secondly, aren’t Whirlpool tubs kindof 80’s, like having an outdoor, free-standing jacuzzi in your back yard?

Moving on.  The tile, which covers much of the walls around the infamous Whirlpool tub, is a sortof pink-ish, beige-ish color with a sea green wash to some of the trim tile.  I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be Southwestern or Tuscan…

It’s a great-sized bathroom, but the space is wasted as it really functions as the “powder room” because there is no guestroom down there either.

The vanity is oak, and kountry with a “k.”  Think craft fairs and wooden shelves full of knickknacks and gimcracks.  Sock dolls and wooden hearts hanging on rope.  To add insult to injury, the pulls are brass.  Not cool brass – like flowery, also kountry brass.

Above the ugly vanity is a mirror that I put up because I had no other place for it.  That I like, but it does not match in any way, shape or form the “disco” sconces that hang on either side of it.  I can’t fully explain these enough, so I must include this picture…

Throw in scuffed up, pale vanilla walls and cream-colored toilet and countertops, and you’ve got yourself one fugly bathroom.

I think I’d prefer it look a little something like this… because if it did, you wouldn’t get me out of it!


Daily Covet: New England waterfront living

Summer is going fast.  My darling husband’s job is demanding, and not allowing for much of a summer vacation this year.

More than ever, our family could use a little R & R.  A little downtime.  A little un-plugging. (Join the crowd, I know!)

I keep daydreaming of a lonely seaside home.  A place where we could breath fresh sea air, sit under the stars and bury our feet in hot sand.  A place where we could ride bikes and lazily read in beach chairs.  A place where we could just be a family — without the hustle of activities, engagements, responsibilities.

This New England waterfront home looks like as good a place as any, right?


And since we are going to be on the beach, we’ll need great beach accessories!  How about these from OneKingsLane today?

On the edge…

There is the edge of sanity.  The edge of time.  And of course, Pink Floyd’s “Edge of Darkness.”

But this house is really on the edge!

Not to worry, it meets California’s earthquake codes and can withstand winds of up to 100 mph.  It’s also permanently attached to the rooftop of UC San Diego’s engineering building.

I’m not sure about you, but I’d be on the edge of my seat watching someone stand in it or walk under it!

Daily Covet: Westin Home Collection, Heaven on Earth

I revisited my favorite hotel bed this weekend.

My husband and I had a staycation for our 8th Anniversary, and stayed at this little hotel in Midtown.  It wasn’t the “Presidential Suite” at some swanky high-rise hotel or a European-style room at a boutique hotel downtown.  But it was the room I wanted at the Element Hotel, a cool, modern, extended-stay part of the Westin group, and home to the Westin Home Collection.

The king-sized bed has layer upon layer upon layer of white, down and high thread count Egyptian cotton.  You can’t even imagine the fantastic night’s sleep you can get in this bed.

And since I HATE my own new mattress, it is this Westin Home mattress and bedding that I dream about at night!  And it’s possible to buy them… for a price.

Daily Covet: Cutting Boards with Personal Style

I don’t know about you, but it seems like I never have enough cutting boards around.  Seemingly, the two that I have are in the dishwasher or worse yet, are sitting dirty on the counter when I need to cut something else.  So when I saw these cool, personalized cutting boards on Zulily this a.m., I had to post. I’ve seen similar personalized trays in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but I am NOT someone, who needs another tray around my house!

And hint, hint, what a great mother’s day present too!

Daily Covet: Speaking of white… handbags

I started getting emails from Tuesday Morning because I do a lot of shopping there for home décor-y type stuff.  And much to my surprise, they are having a BIG sale on some really great Bodhi bags — and they are white!  Well, some of them are – my favorites are anyway.

Here are they are at a savings of about 75% off!  How can we can pass these up, right?!

LittleBlackSweats.com has been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award

A special thanks goes out to Stephanie of one of my favorite blog sites (and bloggers!), http://misprintedpages.wordpress.com for nominating me for The Versatile Blogger Award.

If you don’t have this site on your radar, check into it.  Stephanie reviews books and book covers – my favorite is “Awesome Book Cover Friday.”  And while our genres-of-choice often differ, I do so enjoy her thoughts on books I would otherwise know nothing about.

She also has helpful posts on writing and editing for those of us, who are looking to expand our knowledge in that realm.

And to the rest of my loyal readers – thank you for reading, commenting, and “liking” the posts you see on LittleBlackSweats.com.  It means so much to have you interact regularly, and to share your thoughts.  It’s the reason I update it day after day, afterall!

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About Me

1.  I want to be a fashion stylist when I grow up… or when my kids get old enough to make their own lunch.

2.  I fell from a 3rd story apartment balcony when I was toddler, totally unscathed.

3.  I’ve made 2 radio commercials in my life – the 2 were totally unrelated.

4.  My favorite food is Thai chicken lavosh (at least this week.)

5.  My two sons are named after Civil War heroes – totally unplanned.

6.  I hated the color blue growing up.  Now I can’t get enough of it.

7.  I write a regular column on Fridays for a social networking site for mothers.

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Shopping, Saving & Sequins

Take the Subway

Waterworks Studio Subway Tile Shower Curtain, GILT.com $58

Subway tiles.  Those of us, who live in early 20th century homes, are usually quite familiar with Subway tile.  It got it’s name largely from its use in the New York City subway system.  And while it fell out of style for a number of years, it’s become quite popular again – especially when homeowners are trying to maintain the old world charm and style of their older homes.

We remodeled with subway tile, almost three years ago in our main bath, and it has become one of my favorite projects.  But if you aren’t in a position to install your own white subway tile, try this cute subway tile shower curtain instead.

Daily Covet: Home Library

We are seriously lacking in “stacks” around here.  My sons have a small bookshelf that holds the majority of their book collection.  Daddy and I?  Our books are lazily resting on every nightstand, dresser and coffee table in the house in their own messy stacks.

So when I got an email update from Houszz this morning, I fell in love with this miniature library that could’ve been no more than a larger closet previous to becoming the most awesome “reading room” in the house.

Now, if I only had a closet big enough in this 1925 Tudor to turn into my very own book-lover’s dream spot….

Book Nook by Susa Jay Design via Houszz